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Current/Archived News Stories

... Say Yes To Change
More Information on the Upcoming Reboot Men’s Event
BookMark - The World of the End: Jesus' Final Warnings About Earth's Final Days (BOOK REVIEW)
“I Need You and You Need Me!”
Three Basics for Handling Relationships
Does God Love Foreigners?
Change Attitudes About Jesus (VIDEO)
The He Gets Us Campaign Has Changed the Jesus Conversation
“Take Me For A Spin”
The Top 20 Christian Music Albums – January 2023

January » BookMark - The World of the End: Jesus' Final Warnings About Earth's Final Days
January » Reel Review - A MAN CALLED OTTO
January » “Take Me For A Spin”
The Top 20 Christian Music Albums – January 2023
January » “I Need You and You Need Me!”
Three Basics for Handling Relationships
... Say Yes To Change
January » More Information on the Upcoming Reboot Men’s Event
January » Does God Love Foreigners?
January » The He Gets Us Campaign Has Changed the Jesus Conversation
January » Change Attitudes About Jesus
December » Reel Review - Christmas Movies on Netflix with G or PG Ratings
December » BookMark - The Return of the Gods
December » “Now, Give Me The Power!”
Three Steps to Empowerment
Christmas Joy
December » Giving and Receiving
December » A Baby Changes Everything
December » A Month of Events Advent
The Coming of the Celebration of the Christ
December » Canadians Can Keep Blessing Children Through Operation Christmas Child
December » Ark Aid Mission Settles into Temporary New Home
December » “Take Me For A Spin”
The Top 20 Christian Music Albums – December 2022
December » The Christmas Star
December » The London Team Announces An Exciting Opportunity For Men In 2023!
December » Sorry, Johnny Can’t Be In The Play
December » Video: Christmas: Live From Phoenix - for KING & COUNTRY
December » Video: The Manger – Anne Wilson
November » Reel Review - Spirited (Adapted from: A Christmas Carol)
November » BookMark - Crossfire (Extreme Measures #2)
November » “Conflicts are Hard to Handle” Three Strategies for Handling Conflict
November » “Take Me For A Spin”
The Top 30 Christian Music Albums – November 2022
November » Basic Needs - A Resource For Those Needing Assistance
November » Persian Protests
November » Christian Population in Canada Based on the Latest Census Canada Data
November » A Change At The Top at YFC London Thank You James Coolidge and Welcome Joel Timmerman
November » ‘The Chosen’ - Debut For Season 3 Is Set Internationally In 2000+ Cinemas
November » It’s Time for Christmas Carols...
‘The First Nowell’ Country and Gospel Singer Josh Turner
November » The Christmas Pageant
October » BookMark - The Deadly Shallows (Coastal Guardians #3)
October » Reel Review - Till
October » “Take Me For A Spin”
The Top 30 Christian
Music Albums – October 2022
October » “Who’s Got The Time?”
October » The Homeless in London Prayer Prompt October 2022
October » You Asked for It!
October » 1972-Canada-Soviet Summit Series with Paul Henderson
October » Pearls of Life
October » Understanding Suicide – CISM (London)
October » Londoners Invited to Bless Children in Need With Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts
October » Hully Gully’s 26th Annual Fall Colour Ride Brings Grand total Raised to $335,607
October » Pastor Come To Dinner
September » BookMark - Finding Purpose in Your Pain: A Practical, Biblical Approach to Hope and Healing
September » Get to know Safe Families
September » “Take Me For A Spin”
The Top 30 Christian
Music Albums – September 2022
September » God, Bless the Children Prayer Prompt September 2022
September » Grieving through Walking the Journey of Life
September » Reel Review - Lifemark
September » Canadians Invited to Bless Children in Need
With Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts
September » Christians Invited To Be Inspired, Encouraged At Evangelism Summits
September » How Will You Keep Your Love Going?
September » “Now That I’ve Got The Power”
September » Pondering a Paradoxical Proverb
September » St. Peter Was Impressed
August » August Prayer Prompt
Pursuing peace...
August » Help To Move Fugitive Slave Chapel To Fanshawe Pioneer Village
August » “Take Me For A Spin”
The Top 30 Christian
Music Albums – August 2022
August » Dealing Effectively with Grief and Loss
August » “How Do I Lead Like That?”
August » BookMark - The Apostle's Sister
August » 40 Days for Life Campaign September 28 - November 6
August » Reel Review - Mini DC League of Super-Pets
August » Ontario Renovates - Accepting Applications
July » BookMark - Relative Justice
July » iTunes Top 20 Christian & Gospel Albums July 2022
July » Reel Review - Minions: The Rise of Gru
July » A Summer Prayer - Video
July » “I Needed To Hear That!”
July » THE ANGEL SAYS, “Yes, but what will you do now?”
July » Longing for Life
July » Redemptive Riddle: Snake On A Pole
July » Greats on the Field and, In Retirement – Greats Off the Field
June » June 2022 CCNL prayer prompt
Gathering together...
June » iTunes Top 20 Christian & Gospel Albums June 2022
June » Twenty-eight Ukrainians start new lives in Canada
June » World Refugee Day – June 20
June » BookMark - Revealing Revelation: How God's Plans for the Future Can Change Your Life Now
June » “What Did You Say?”
Three Essential Steps in Communicating Effectively
June » Reel Review - Jurassic World: Dominion
June » Called to Hope at the London Prayer Breakfast
June » Dale Brain Injury Services Making a Difference in Lives
June » Sorry, no raise.
June » Travelling is Just Too Expensive - Now What?
May » Who is my neighbour?
May » BookMark - The Lady’s Mine
May » Reel Review - No Vacancy
May » iTunes Top 20 Christian & Gospel Albums May 2022
May » The Canadian Church “Is Not Fragile”
May » Remembering the “Father of Blood Banking”
May » Calling Canadian Christian Parents New Research Projects Needs Your Input
May » Look! Snake!
May » The Cost Is High For Businesses Exited Russia –But Nothing Compared to the Cost to the People of Ukraine
May » God, may I have a penny?
May » “What’s My Passion?”
May » A By-Law To Regulate & Restrict “Pro-Life Flyers” Was Passed On May 3, 2022 By London City Council Despite Passionate Pleas
April » Reel Review - Resurrection
April » BookMark - The Case for Easter: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for the Resurrection
April » “Take Me For A Spin” The Top 20 Christian Music Albums – April 2022 – A new # 1!!!
April » Of Bunnies, Camels and Angels
April » He is Risen Indeed
April » Responding To Racism - A Conversation Guide
April » Sanctuary London - Finding Home Together
April » Harvest Hands: Ending Hunger - Nourishing Hope
April » 57th Annual National Prayer Breakfast of Canada - May 31st 2022
April » New London Pastor Comes Full Circle
April » “But Change Is Hard!” Three Ways to Handle Change
April » Donate Your Licence Plate Sticker Fee To Support Local Affordable Housing Initiatives
March » Reel Review - THE BATMAN
March » BookMark - Dead Fall (The Quantico Files #2)
March » A Conversation With God About Freedom And Boundaries
March » Justice in Business Leadership “But Is That Fair?”
March » Let Your Light Shine
March » Moving Toward Connection in Addressing Global Poverty & Injustice
March » Gen Z Ready for LIFE ON PURPOSE
March » Seeking Pastors For Canadian Research Project On Small Churches
March » EFC Partnership Launches Conversations That Shape Us:
A Racism Conversation Guide
March » The Crisis In Ukraine – What Can We Do?
March » So, You Want to Start A Home Church?
March » “Take Me For A Spin” The Top 20 Christian Music Albums – March 2022 – A new # 1!!!
February » Two Ministries – Two Cities – One Goal Hands on Assistance that Makes a Difference
February » “Take Me For A Spin” The Top 30 Christian Music CD’s – FEBRUARY 2022
February » Reel Review - THE WOLF AND THE LION
February » BookMark - The End of the Age: The Countdown Has Begun
February » Crossings Art Exhibition
a Powerful Message of Hope and a COVID-safe Experience
February » WORLD WATCH LIST 2022
February » Prayer Prompt - February 2022 May great ideas flourish in London
February » Children In Need Around The World To Receive 413,000 Gift-Filled Shoeboxes From Canadians
February » A House is Where it Begins House Churches in London
February » “What! Me, Accountable?” Three Critical Areas of Accountability
February » God Has Made Laughter For Me...
January » BookMark - Where Do We Go from Here?
January » Reel Review - REDEEMING LOVE
January » January Prayer Prompt A New Year And Each New Generation
January » Pastor Bob Wilson: One Faithful Life
January » Join us on January 19 at 8:00PM for the Release Event of
The 2022 World Watch List
January » Hope the Future
January » “Now, Why did I Make That Decision?” Three Challenges for our Values
January » “Take Me For A Spin” The Top 30 Christian Music CD’s – JANUARY 2022
January » This will probably make 50% of our readers chuckle,
the other 50% ... not so much
June » Video: “Trust In You”
Lauren Daigle Delivers A New Take On An Absolute Favorite!
March » No Repeat
February » Road to Recovery
December » Reel Review - AMERICAN UNDERDOG
December » Four gifts for Christmas
December » BookMark - Operating in the Courts of Heaven (Revised and Expanded)
December » “Take Me For A Spin” The Top 10 Christian Music CD's in London
December » Download Will Graham’s New Advent Devotional
December » Three 3 Sisters Sing ‘Gloria - Angels We Have Heard On High’
December » 25 Christmas Jokes You Can Tell Kids
December » “Now That I’ve Got It What Do I Do?”
December » Celebrating the Reason
December » Thrifting through Christmas Shopping
December » Celebrating Christmas with Jesus
December » So Much Than Books At Creation Bookstore – London
November » “Take Me For A Spin” The Top 10 Christian Music CD's in London
November » Reel Review - Clifford the Big Red Dog
November » BookMark - Hostile Intent (Danger Never Sleeps #4)
November » HERE WE STAND
November Prayer prompt
November » Lest We Forget
November » Merging a Prosperous Business Career with a Dedicated Love for Jesus
November » Lorraine Chwiecko Knows How To Make A Big Impact A Single Item – A Kind Word
November » The “Good Work” God Has Begun In So Many Lives Through
The Greater London Celebration
November » Adventuring in a Life of Faith
November » Canadians Invited to Bless Children in Need with Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts
November » Angel Tree Christmas - Prison Fellowship Canada
November » God Always Has a Plan: Atlanta Braves’ Swanson Credits Victory to God
October » October Prayer Prompt Cultivating Thankfulness
October » Unfortunately, We Need It – Fortunately, We have It
The Urban Haven Project
October » BookMark - Enemies and Allies: An Unforgettable Journey Inside the Fast-Moving & Immensely Turbulent Modern Middle East
October » Reel Review - God’s Not Dead – We The People
October » Grateful for the Granted
October » “Now That’s a Tough Decision!” Four Prerequisites for Making Decisions
October » Heart to heart with a hairdresser
October » Canadian Christian Rock Band, Critical Mass Tackles the Tough Issues of Divorce and Separation
October » Just Released Report: Findings On The Worst Forms of Child Labour
October » “Take Me For A Spin” The Top 10 Christian Music CD's in London
October » The London Celebration with Will Graham is Just Days Away!
October » A Dozen!
September » September Prayer Prompt Ready, Set...GO!!!
September » Our Shared Story
September » The State of Evangelism in the Church in Canada
September » “Vision That Captivates!”
September » BookMark - The Chase (US Marshals #2)
September » Reel Review - Show Me The Father
September » 40 Days for Life Leaders Needed
September » Inspired by Hope
September » Hully Gully Playground Opens in Celebration of Company's 50th Anniversary
August » Transitional Ministry
August » BookMark - AFTERMATH
August » Reel Review - Jungle Cruise
August » A Prayer During Times of COVID-19
August » Samaritan’s Purse Helping B.C. Wildfire Victims
August » “Pulling Together or Pulling Apart!” Three Important Factors in Team Building
August » Get Involved
The London Celebrations with Will Graham Outreach and Concert Event - October 22-24
August » Get Ready for Neighbourhood Decision Making 2021
August » “Take Me For A Spin” The Top 10 Christian Music CD's in London
July » Reel Review - F9- The Fast Saga
July » BookMark - The Beirut Protocol
July » Suits in the Bible?
July » Stephen Curry - A Motivational Video
July » “Take Me For A Spin” The Top 10 Christian Music CD's in London
July » In the Holding Pattern
July » ...A new season of life begins
July » After an Uncertain Fifteen Months, Forest Cliff Camp Reopens!
July » CCBF Biblical Leadership Principle - Healthy Alliances in Business Leadership
July » Residential Schools: How should Followers of Christ Respond?
July » Upcoming Events on Your Celebration Journey
July » Navigating the ARK!
June » Together, Youth For Christ Is Making A Significant Impact
Keeping Youth In London Strong And Full Of Hope
June » Missed The 25th Annual London Christian Prayer Breakfast? Here it is!!
June » How COVID Has Affected The London Pregnancy & Family Support
June » Interview with Don Moore of the Canadian Christian Business Federation
June » Prayer Prompt June - 2021 "Blessing the kids- the Kingdom's centre"
June » BookMark - Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess: 5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Steps to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Toxic Thinking
June » Biblical Stress Management “Mind Over Matter!” 3 Important Responses to Stress
June » “Owe no one anything, except to love each other,” - Video
June » Refuge Ministries Canada
June » Reel Review - In The Heights
June » Quiet In Church
May » CCNL Prayer prompt May 2021
May » National Cyber Threat Assessment
May » Patience is a Virtue
May » BookMark - Trial and Error
May » Little Time Remaining To.. Register For The FREE The Christian Life and Witness Course
May » Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario and Old Hickory Buildings Present “Sheds for Humanity Raffle Prize Draw”!
May » London Christian Prayer Breakfast – May 20, 2021
May » "A Whale of a Story!"
3 Lessons on Obedience To God
May » Hockey Ministries International Chapels During the Pandemic
May » Reel Review - Finding You
May » A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Virtual Choir #4)
May » It's The Happiest Day Of Her Life Today
April » Reel Review - Roe v. Wade
April » BookMark - Healthy Gut Zone: Heal Your Digestive System to Restore Your Body and Renew Your Mind
April » April 2021 Prayer Prompt
...around the table
April » The Churches of London Series
Village Green Community Church
April » The Imprisoned for Christ Virtual Event – April 24th!
Register Now!
April » Navigating Faith & Culture - Together
Faith Today magazine now FREE in Canada
April » The Greater London Celebration with Will Graham
Did You Miss the Virtual Celebration Launch Event?
April » Integrity
April » London Christian Life and Witness Course May - June
April » An Update from The London Child & Youth Network
April » Working from Home - 4 Must See Videos!
March » March 2021 Prayer Prompt
For Those Who Are Older
March » Churchyard Bees
March » Excitement Builds For The Greater London Celebration With Will Graham
March » BookMark - The Tipping Point - The End Is Here
March » Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support Renames as COMPASS Refugee Centre
March » The Churches of London:
London Seventh-Day Adventist Church
March » The Retrouvaille Program
For Married Couples Facing Difficult Challenges in their Relationship
March » Back To God - Reba McEntire - Live from The Ryman Auditorium
March » Considering Tyndale University? Come For A Virtual Visit...Here!
March » Take A Break – Have A Chuckle with Tim Hawkins & Bob Smiley
March » Reel Review - Bigfoot Family
March » More Americans Than People in Other Advanced Economies Say COVID-19 Has Strengthened Religious Faith
Where Do Canadians Rank?
March » Just Released March 1st – 100 of The Best Praise & Worship Songs
March » Write What You Know
March » I’m Drawing God!