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Published December 2022
By Ronald Clarke

At Christmas time there are lots of stars everywhere and this gives us an opportunity to start interesting conversations. For some, star decorations call to mind the age-old story of the wise men who went on a long journey in search of the new born King. A recent animated movie called, The Star includes this epic journey. Now let's imagine how you might get into a meaningful conversation with a neighbor on the topic of stars and the wise men. Since the Bible often describes the Good News as a mystery or even a secret or riddle we need to be creative in how we introduce and explain the Gospel to others. In fact, several places Scripture encourages us to talk about the truth in a “seasoned with salt” way that makes the conversation both interesting and thought provoking. (Psalm 49:4-15; Matthew 13, Col 4:3-6)

It's true that many people enjoy dabbling in star signs as described in horoscopes, but have they ever seriously considered the Bethlehem star? Could they be open to hearing you explain your 'favourite star sign'? Alternatively, you might ask your friend, “Have you ever wondered what's behind star decorations at Christmas time?” or “Have you ever wondered what was so special about the Beth-lehem star that inspired the wise men to set out on a long journey?”

The story of the wise men goes back 3,000 years to an unusual prophet (seer) named Balaam who was not Jewish. He foretold the coming of a special star and scepter that would arise in Israel. Want to know more about their journey so you can talk about it with confidence? Click HERE to read a piece I wrote entitled Sharing the Gospel Using Star Imagery.