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Published March 2022

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and 10 partner organizations are conducting a survey on small evangelical churches in Canada, and the team is seeking pastors of small churches to participate.

The Canadian Evangelical Small Church Study (CESCS) is investigating the ministry and mission opportunities that small churches engage in, as well as the challenges that hinder vitality in congregational life and ministry. The research is asking important questions like: What do small churches need in order to thrive? Are there things that we can do together to support small churches?

The research project has reached the critical juncture of welcoming small church pastors from across Canada to complete an online survey.

“We want to hear particularly from small church pastors or leaders who have stories to tell about the value of the small church in Canada,” explains Rick Hiemstra, director of research for the EFC and lead investigator for CESCS.

“This is an important research project for the EFC and our partners, and we think it will help small churches as we explore how they work and thrive in today’s Canada.”

The EFC works collaboratively to conduct and foster research that studies the changing contexts in churches and Canadian society. The EFC believes that understanding Canadian church and faith trends helps us better explain who we are as Evangelicals, helps us understand our place in the broader culture, and helps us make better ministry decisions. The EFC conducts research projects and engages in research partnerships such as CESCS for the good of the Church.


The full list of partners is available HERE