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Photo Courtesy UNICEF/Ashley Gilbertson

Witnessing the war of aggression waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the consequent humanitarian crisis developing there, no Christian can remain impartial or lukewarm in the face of the suffering or remain silent when confronted with such evils as are being perpetrated.

Let’s pray...

The news can be difficult to listen to and to read.
When that news relates to faces we know
and to voices familiar to us,
it becomes all the harder to hear.

Lord God,
We ask you to hold the people of Ukraine deep in your heart.
Protect them, we pray;
from violence,
from political gamesmanship,
from being used and abused.

Give, we pray,
the nations of the world the courage
and the wisdom
to stand up for justice
and the courage too,
to dare to care―generously.

Lord, in your mercy,
take from us all
the tendencies in us
that seek to lord it over others:
take from us those traits
that see us pursuing our own needs and wants
before those of others.

Teach us how to live in love
and dignity
and respect―following your example.
In your name and for your sake,

To do or Not to do….business in Russia.

After receiving the April edition of Christian Life in London, a reader contacted us in response to our article; “The Crisis in Ukraine – What Can We Do?”

She forwarded this article, Full List of Companies That Have Left Russia – And The Ones That Decided to Stay. The list in this article is updated weekly. (Click HERE)

You can also click HERE for Canadian companies that have withdrawn from Russia following invasion. Please note that this article dates back to the end of March and is NOT up-to-date so many, many more Canadian based companies have exited Russia since then.

The financial cost to the companies that have ceased operations in Russia is high, some in the tens and even hundreds of millions. UK’s based BP (oil) wrote off about $25.5 billion on its nearly 20 percent holding in Russia’s state-controlled oil company.

The cost to the people of Ukraine is much higher.

We all want to help but……

Avoid Ukraine-Related Scams

Scammers have also tried to take advantage of the outpouring of generosity in support of Ukraine.

There have been numerous livestreams on TikTok from scammers asking for monetary support while pretending to be Ukrainians fleeing conflict.

If you're donating to a trusted aid organization, double-check the URL or social media handle and make sure you're not donating to an impostor. The Ukrainian Red Cross has warned of several fake Instagram accounts posing as the organization and soliciting donations.

Also, heed the warning that cryptocurrency scammers have tried to trick donors into sending them money by masquerading as Ukraine-related causes. Unlike credit card, PayPal or bank transactions, transactions involving cryptocurrency are completely irreversible.

We believe that the following Organizations On The Ground are reputable;

The UN World Food Programme has sent aid workers to Ukraine and neighbouring countries, delivering food to Ukrainians caught in the crossfire of the conflict.

Samaritan’s Purse is deploying an emergency field hospital to the region to meet the critical medical needs. Disaster response specialists—including eight Canadians—have been on the ground in Poland, Romania and Moldova since last week conducting needs assessments and preparing a strategic response.

The Canadian Red Cross has also been raising funds for humanitarian operations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. The Canadian government had also pledged to match Red Cross donations up to $10 million, a pledge that has now been met.

Much like Canada, Ukraine is freezing right now. To help the 7.5 million children, many of whom are migrating to neighbouring countries with their families, Save the Children is raising money to send winter kits and cash vouchers.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has also dispatched teams to Ukraine's neighbouring countries to assist with the inflow of refugees. In Ukraine's conflict zones, MSF has also distributed medical aid to hospitals and produced training for 30 trauma care surgeons.

GlobalMedic is raising money to help refugees fleeing into neighbouring countries. Your money will help provide food packages, hygiene kits, water purification tables, and first aid kits to Ukrainians stranded on borders.

When the first Russian boots touched Ukrainian soil, the organization UNICEF didn’t hesitate to ramp up efforts to help children in the country. Now, they’re accepting donations to bring safe drinking water and hygienic supplies to families fleeing and communities entrenched in war.

Other organizations on the ground supporting displaced Ukrainians include World Vision Canada

Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program allows Canadians to help resettle refugees as individuals or families that qualify under the refugee and humanitarian program.

Donations may additionally be made to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)Ukraine Emergency . Donations are tax-deductible.

Ukrainian-Canadian Organizations

Ukrainian-Canadians are also stepping up to support Ukraine. Canada is home to more than 1.4 million people of Ukrainian descent, the largest Ukrainian diaspora population outside of the former Soviet Union.

The Canada-Ukraine Foundation has launched its Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal in response to the war. The foundation says, as of Friday, it had delivered "approximately $550,000 CAD to provide food packages, medicine and shelter," with an additional $1.07 million in aid headed to Ukraine later this week.

The League of Ukrainian Canadians and the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women have also organized the Friends of Ukraine Defence Forces Fund. Organizers say donations will provide Ukrainian soldiers with non-lethal support such as body armour, medical supplies and food. The fund will also go towards children and families of Ukrainian soldiers, as well as Ukrainian troops who have been injured or killed in battle.