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Published April 2021

If recent years have taught us anything, it’s this: conversations about religion have become loaded. In a society where religion and faith have increasingly become polarizing topics, it’s clear that we need informed perspectives and thoughtful conversation. But, who will lead the conversation? Faith Today senior editors Bill Fledderus and Karen Stiller are stepping up to offer a trustworthy, accessible place for Christians to better navigate the intersection of their faith, culture, and current events.

Subscribe to Faith Today Faith Today has been at the centre of Canada’s Christian conversation since 1983, equipping readers from across more than 45 denominations with expert research and insight into Canadian culture, Christian life, and ministry.

To serve even more readers, in May 2020 Faith Today removed subscription fees for Canadian residents, while not compromising on quality or content.

This decision reflects Faith Today’s commitment to sharing insight, practical wisdom and experiences that spark reflection and conversation among Canadian Christians. From articles focusing on why church still matters, to issues like assisted dying and QAnon, to topics like how hospitality is evangelism, Faith Today equips readers to engage challenging topics facing the Christian faithful.

Leading the charge on these conversations are Bill Fledderus and Karen Stiller, veteran editors relentlessly focused on excellent journalism about topics that matter to Canadians across the spectrum of Christian traditions.

“These are tough topics, but we must be able to engage them thoughtfully,” says Stiller. “We will take them on, sharing biblically informed perspectives in an encouraging, respectful, and curious way to help our audience step away from the sidelines, engage in tough conversations, and grow in their faith.”

According to Fledderus, “Our goal is to invite readers to dig into today’s issues of culture and faith by drawing on the wisdom of Christians across Canada -- Bible-reading, Spirit-led, thoughtful followers of Jesus. If you can picture Faith Today readers and Christian ministry experts, thinkers, and journalists across Canada sitting around a table to discuss, learn, and grow -- that’s it.”

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