The Worm, The Apple and Noah

There was once a little worm who lived in an apple and heard some rumors that there would be a flood to wipe out all life.

He was scared until he heard that there was a man named Noah who was building a massive ark to. save all the animals though. So, the worm gets in his little apple and starts rolling it.

He rolls through deserts and grasslands, mountains, and valleys, over rivers and cities alike, and. after many weeks of travel he finally saw the ark in the distance.

He rolled up to Noah in his little apple and ran right into his ankle to get his attention.

Noah looked down at the worm in the apple and picked him up, asking him "what would you like friend?" to which the worm replied, "I heard there was going to be a flood and I wanted a spot on your boat."

But ... Noah just nodded his head and said "Sorry little guy, we only take animals in pears, not apples."