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Good Boundaries and Goodbyes: Loving Others Without Losing the Best of Who You Are

Genre: Christian/ Self Help/ Nonfiction/ Relationships/ Psychology/ Spirituality

Author: Lysa TerKeurst

Publishing Date: November, 2022

Availability in London: Creation Bookstore.

Available in: Paperback


Relationships are wonderful . . . until they're not.

Join #1 New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst as she helps you stop the dysfunction of unhealthy relationships by showing you biblical ways to set boundaries--and, when necessary, say goodbye--without losing the best of who you are.

Is it unloving or selfish to set a boundary? Are Christians ever called to walk away from a relationship that’s no longer safe or sustainable? Lysa TerKeurst deeply understands these hard questions in the midst of relational struggles.

But after thousands of hours of counseling intensives and extensive theological research that transformed the way she defined healthy relationships, Lysa is now more committed than ever to loving people well without losing the best of who she is. She wants to help you do the same. In these pages Lysa will help you:
  • Understand the five factors to remember when implementing healthy boundaries.
  • Determine the appropriate amount of personal and emotional access someone has to you based on how responsible they'll be with that access.
  • Stop being misled and emotionally paralyzed by wrongly interpreted or weaponized scriptures that perpetuate unhealthy dynamics in difficult relationships.
  • Overcome the frustrating cycle of ineffective boundary-setting with realistic scripts and practical strategies to help you communicate, keep, and implement healthier patterns.
  • Be equipped to say goodbye without guilt when a relationship has shifted from difficult to destructive and is no longer sustainable.

Receive therapeutic wisdom you can trust directly from Lysa’s Christian counselor Jim Cress, who weighs in throughout the book.

You'll be relieved to learn that boundaries aren't just a good idea, they're a God idea.

Reader Reviews courtesy Goodreads

Jordan Taylor rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 5 out of 5 stars
Wow. Easily one of the best Christian books I’ve ever read. Lysa Terkeurst continues to stun me with her theological insight and unpacking of often quoted (and misinterpreted) verses in Scripture. Good Boundaries and Goodbyes walks readers through navigating difficult questions like, How do you establish boundaries in relationships? Are boundaries biblical? (Spoiler alert: They are!) How do you know when it’s a difficult relationship vs. a habitually destructive one? When is it appropriate to say goodbye? Is it biblical to say goodbye? (Again, spoiler alert: Yes!)

“Boundaries” seems to be a hot button issue lately in modern psychology, so I was delighted to see Lysa appropriately tackle this through the lens of Scripture. I was moved to tears many times. I can’t recommend this book highly enough for those who need help navigating difficult relationships and overcoming people pleasing.

Melanie Johnson rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 5 out of 5 stars
This book is full of the most wonderful wisdom. A study on boundaries will not be complete without checking this one out. I love the relatable examples that Lysa gives and the heart of compassion that it is written from. A MUST READ!!!

Rebekah Pompey rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 5 out of 5 stars
I find this book provides a realistic perspective to bring into any and all relationships. So helpful and informative, Good Boundaries and Goodbyes: Loving Others Without Losing the Best of Who You Are is one of the few books I will read again and again. A book containing valuable principles I look forward to putting into practice to improve my relationships. amazingly-helpful

J. Tayler Smith rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 3 out of 5 stars
An Impactful Book on Boundaries, But I’m Not the Target Audience

My wife and I are both avid readers, constantly adding new books to our shelves. Whenever my wife adds a new book, I typically add it to my reading list. Recently, my wife added Good Boundaries and Goodbyes by Lysa Terkeurst to our shelves, so I naturally added it to my list of books to read. I was surprised to find it so highly rated and decided to read it sooner rather than later. It was my first time reading a book by Terkeurst. It was my first time learning about Terkeurst herself and why she is a well-known author. So, I didn't know what to expect.

Good Boundaries and Goodbyes explores how people can have healthier relationships by establishing relational boundaries with their partners, family, and friends. Partway through reading the book, I learned that the author was writing from the experience of her painful divorce. Reading through this lens, I saw how Terkeurst uses the pain from her experience to help people develop more meaningful relationships. Her main message is that proper boundaries help a person discern whether a relationship is helpful or harmful - if harmful, she then discusses the importance of letting go. Through boundaries, a person invites others to choose between loving them by respecting the boundaries or harming them further; those who continue hurting the relationship effectively choose ending it. In Terkeurst’s words, “Boundaries protect the right kind of love and help prevent dysfunction from destroying that love. Boundaries help us say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done, and establish what is and isn’t acceptable.” The point of Good Boundaries and Goodbyes is to teach the reader that it is necessary to develop boundaries with one’s closest relationships.

The book consists of twelve chapters, each covering a nuanced thought or concern in establishing boundaries with the people one loves. However, Terkeurst’s writing style tends to create overlap between the subject matter in each chapter, making them hard to distinguish from each other. Nevertheless, a glance at the chapter titles instantly shows the reader what they can expect to learn from this book.

1. You Are Not Crazy (You can love them, but you can’t change them.)
2. Naming the Tension That We’ve All Been Wrestling With
3. It’s Not About the Problems, It’s About What the Problems Represent
4. God Takes Boundary Violations Very Seriously and So Should We
5. You Are Already Doing This Really Well
6. They May Never See Your Boundaries as a Good Thing
7. Just Because They Say It Doesn’t Mean You Have to Own It
8. Trying to Make Someone Else Happy Shouldn’t Be Your Definition of Healthy
9. What Am I So Afraid Of?
10. Can a Goodbye Ever Really Be Good?
11. I’m Not Walking Away, I’m Accepting Reality
12. A Million Little Funerals

Early in the book, Terkeurst writes, “I’ll be with you as we trust God to lead us through every word and every step. And you’ll also hear from my Christian counsellor Jim Cress, who will weigh in with therapeutic insights throughout the book.” The book applies current best practices in therapy and relationship counselling to its subject matter. Additionally, it heavily relies on biblical teachings and narratives to help reinforce each point. Most of the book comes from Terkeurst’s personal experiences, and these outside sources support her main topics. Terkeurst does not present any false information; however, her interpretation of the Christian scriptures is sometimes questionable. (I don’t think it’s fair to say her interpretations are wrong. I only mean that someone could argue for a compelling interpretation that contradicts what Terkeurst sometimes.) Nevertheless, the book seems accurate in what it teaches and encourages the reader to learn.

Sometimes, the book feels as though it was written in haste; however, I also got the sense that a great deal of thought and consideration is behind these pages. From what I understand, only a handful of years have passed since Terkeurst’s traumatic marriage experience and divorce. With this in mind, it seems clear that she did write the book in a short amount of time. Nevertheless, Terkeurst’s thoughts feel well-developed, and her main point is clear. Yet, the details still tend to blend throughout the book. Overall, I finished the book with the impression that the author has valuable insight and experience to offer.

Terkeurst’s book is highly respectful of her faith and people. As a Christian author, Terkeurst constantly finds ways to work-in respect for God; this may turn away some readers, but this is perfectly acceptable for her target audience. Additionally, despite her experience, Terkeurst does not talk about people, spouses, or those who hurt her in a disrespectful way. Instead, she expresses hope that those who cause harm grow and find emotional healing. I came out of this book feeling hopeful for myself and others, and I think most other readers will have a similar experience.

I also got the sense from this book that Terkeurst is here to fight for her readers and their well-being. Early on, she states, “This isn’t a book about leaving people. It’s a book about loving people in the right and healthy ways. And it’s about communicating appropriate boundaries and parameters so that love can stay safe and sustainable.” Terkeurst does suggest that a person leave those who refuse to respect their boundaries, but this is a last resort. But overall, she encourages her readers to see worth in themselves and to fight for their relationships in healthy ways.

Despite the book seemingly being born out of her trauma, Terkeurst does not focus on her situation; she does not discuss any overly personal details, and she avoids painting anyone in a bad light. Instead, Terkeurst comes across like a therapist for whatever the reader is going through in their relationships. Terkeurst focuses on what’s happening inside the reader and helps them work through their experiences in a healthy way.

Good Boundaries and Goodbyes is not the kind of book one necessarily goes out of their way to read for entertainment or enjoyment. It is for someone going through a hard time looking for answers. I was not in such a situation while reading it. I went into this book to see what was so significant about it. Simply put, I did not find it enjoyable because it is not designed to be an enjoyable read. Despite this not being the book's goal, others will still find it incredibly helpful.

As a whole, this book is okay. Some readers may find it incredibly empowering, but others - including myself - would get more out of other books on the same topic. I would only recommend this book to its target audience; for all others, I recommend Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, which covers the same material, but from a more logically driven perspective. Terkeurst’s book feels tailored to processing emotions and developing/maintaining close relationships (or letting them go). Cloud and Townsend write in a more instructional manner, first explaining what boundaries are, why they are important, and how they can be used as tools. I do not think Terkeurst is a poor author by any means, but she has a specific target audience in mind as she writes this book, and those outside of that group are less likely to be impacted by her words.

I think Good Boundaries and Goodbyes is a good book, but I do not think it is a great one. However, this is because I am not the target audience, and I am not currently in a place where I am seeking to learn what Terkuerst here is teaching. Most other people who go out of their way to read this book will probably receive far more out of it than I did, which is what I recommend this book to those people. Therefore, in my own experience, I give this book three out of five stars.

Dawn Stoddard rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 3 out of 5 stars
Christians should read it with a strong commitment to their marriage, especially if they are in crisis.

I think the author needed more time for healing before publishing. Her pain skews her advice in my opinion.

Provin Martin rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 5 out of 5 stars
As a Christian I find it hard to set rules boundaries and consequences – even if it is to protect myself. Sometimes it seems like the number one goal of Christianity is to bend over backwards and do everything you can for others (even if they are rude, disrespectful, and it interferes with your own life). Thanks to Lisa Terkeurst I have learned boundaries and consequences are a godly structure. God allowed Adam and Eve to live in the garden of Eden with only one boundary. Do not eat the fruit from this specific tree. And when they chose to eat from the tree that God asked them not to, he had to inflict consequences for their actions. Implementing healthy boundaries is hard and stressful. But thanks to this book I have been able to restructure various parts of my life in order to protect myself and live the life I want to. I highly recommend this book if you were having trouble setting boundaries in any relationship. It can help you with children, spouses, parents and friends. With Lysa and the lords help, you can learn about biblical boundaries and see where boundaries in your own life may be beneficial. I also enjoyed the study guide and videos.

Cassie Sparks rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 5 out of 5 stars
I’ve read 90+ books this year. But THIS is the book that will change my life. My “word” for this year was boundaries. I slowly but surely worked to set up healthy boundaries in all sorts of areas in my life: family, physical health, and friendships. I was ending this year feeling way healthier mentally than ever before. This book being the “bookend” to my year is so fitting. I was reassured all the work I did this year personally was worth it. I am moving in the right direction to be a better version of not me, but of Jesus! The way Lysa writes about how God set up boundaries gave me the insight I needed to keep pressing on into 2023. To keep setting up boundaries in life and relationships that are going to keep me on the path He has for me.

Just trust me. Read this one. Let it soak into your soul.

Rachelle Cobb rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 4 out of 5 stars
I can’t remember the last time I read a nonfiction book so quickly. Or any book so quickly midweek. Or highlighted a book so many times!

From the depth of her pain, Lysa brings a book so many women will benefit from in the years to come. A biblical, well-written, strong guide to sift through setting boundaries in the most excruciating of circumstances.

Elizabeth Thompson rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 5 out of 5 stars
This is by far, hands-down the absolute, most helpful, practical, and realistic book about healthy boundaries! It’s more like a guide that I will read and re-read many times over. It’s rooted in scripture while remaining approachable and applicable to our actual day-to-day lives and relationships. I’ve read most of Lysa’s books, and while all are good, this one is her best book yet. My heart breaks for what she’s had to go through to acquire this knowledge and wisdom, and although I wish she had been spared the pain and agony of the many betrayals, her hard-earned lessons are a gift to those of us walking similar paths. I believe Lysa was born to write this book.

Jordan Slater rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 5 out of 5 stars
Loved this one as much as the other.
So good. So encouraging. So informative.
I’m glad to have the audiobook so I can re-listen over and over!

Ashleigh Daniel rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 5 out of 5 stars
Highly recommend if you want to learn about drawing healthy boundaries! Boundaries are a gift from God!

Jennifer Malech rated Good Boundaries and Goodbyes a 5 out of 5 stars
Practical and biblical, this book will help anyone who is struggling with setting boundaries in difficult relationships. I really appreciated all of the psychological insight from Lysa’s counselor, as well. This was such a helpful read. Highly recommend.

Once again Lysa wrote a book that was exactly what I needed when I needed it. Love this woman and will always refer to and recommend her books.

Her honesty, authenticity and writing style make you feel like you know her personally and are just having a conversation with her.

She has scripture to back up everything and as she says in her podcast doesn’t “tell you what to think, but gives you a lot to think about”.