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Published December 2023

A presentation of latest Christian books to hit the stores

THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO - The Ancient Mystery & Guide for the End Times

Genre: Faith, Nonfiction, Christian

Author: Jonathan Cahn

Publishing Date: September 5, 2023

Availability in London: Creation Bookstore


NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER Is there an answer, a guide, a blueprint that reveals what you need to know to survive, to stand, and to prevail in view of what’s coming in the days ahead?

Has it been revealed to us in the appearing of a sign from an ancient mystery playing out in modern times before our eyes?

After seven explosive New York Times Bestsellers, Jonathan Cahn now releases his newest blockbuster - THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO - The Ancient Mystery & Guide for the End-Times - as mind-blowing as all his bestsellers - and with something the Blueprint, the Answer - the Manifesto!

The Josiah Manifesto opens up the stunning mysteries that lie behind the dramatic events of recent times that have changed our world – and the message hidden within them with regard to what lies ahead.

Could a 3000 year-old calendar of appointed days provide the secret to the most dramatic year of our lives – even ordaining a plague, a national lockdown, days of fire, and the changing of the Supreme Court? Could an ancient temple, an ominous prayer, and a mysterious template lie behind the event that overtook Capitol Hill and shook the nation? Could an enigmatic ancient king reveal the secret of a modern American president? Could an ordinance given in the middle of a desert 3000 years ago have determined the rise and fall of a Latin American dictator?Could an ancient array of mysteries from the Middle East have converged on Washington DC in a single hour to change the history of America? What does the future hold? Is America heading for calamity? Is the world? Is there hope? Have we been given a last chance? Is it possible to change history? And is there a blueprint for what you need to know to survive and stand with regard to what is yet to come - even a guide to the ‘end-times’? The Josiah Manifesto will take you on a prophetic journey from a Caribbean island to the Washington D.C. to the ancient Valley of Hinnom to the Supreme Court to a desert mountain to an ancient middle eastern temple to the gates of America - to uncover an ancient puzzle that lies behind the events that have altered our lives - Including ...

The Island of Mysteries – The House of Fallen Children – The Heavenly Court – The Child of the Nile – The Agents of Heaven on Earth – The Stranger in the Living Room – The Mystery of Days … And Much, Much More!

And could these mysteries give you the key to what you need to know to prevail in the days to come – even a guide to the end times?

It will all be revealed in THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO – The Ancient Mystery & Guide for the End-Times!

The book you can’t afford not to read

READER REVIEWS Courtesy : goodreads

Of the 507 ratings at goodreads, the average rating was 4.7 out of 5 stars Aaron Baker Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 1 out of 5 STARS
Ok, I actually really enjoyed 'Return of the Gods', but this book is chock full of speculative extrapolations, presented is revelations from God, which plays weird games with numbers (alternating using different calendars whenever the need should present itself.) Worse yet, it borders on heretical by replacing Israel with America, and ascribing popular American figures the titles of modern day Biblical figures. The author attempts to confuse the reader by vomiting out as many numbers as possible in order to tie any number of them together, whichever will stick in the readers mind.

Whatever part of the author's argument which lucks into Biblical accuracy is purely coincidental and due to broken clocks still lucking into the right time, from time to time.

If you like the Bible, or God, don't waste your time.

Terry Lennox Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
I have now read The Josiah Manifesto by Jonathan Cahn twice. It is that powerful. Written in the engaging style of his previous best sellers, each one setting the stage for the one to follow, this one easily stands alone. That being said, you will most likely gravitate to his previous works because you will quickly realize that he is sharing timeless truths. You will recognize that the mysteries, prophecies, lessons, and guidelines of God’s Word cannot be outdone. God’s love and providential care have no match. The book is clear, concise, laid out in a fashion that is pleasing to the eye, and helps the reader quickly grasp the most essential themes. There are no dull moments.

During opening chapters, as you step into a sweeping saga steeped in the history and culture of Ancient Israel, divine mysteries are unearthed with mind boggling precision of correlating events. Miraculous happenings unfold, highlighted by the symbolism of two multifaceted bookends. At one end, the biblical sounding of a shofar evokes the power of God in a rousing call to action. Linked to the other end, find a sword with two edges known as the Jubilee, a year marked by return, reconciliation, and restoration, alongside nullification, reversal, and undoing. Increments of fifty years are woven throughout ancient periods of time, unlocking secrets hidden in plain sight, not only long ago, but moving throughout all history, and certainly in our modern and very recent times.

There is revelation of a heavenly thread meticulously and ominously connecting each event as it underscores God’s unwavering regard for the sanctity of human life, and the sobering weight of His judgement, the physical and spiritual plague upon a nation that would tragically sacrifice its own children while turning its back on the precepts of all that is good and true and pure. All along the way there is the overarching awareness that the hand of God is ever present, moving a multitude of hearts, some of stone, some unwittingly, calling each one to repentance and return. The movement may be marked by great drama, or by a striking, but no less exquisite subtlety. An everlasting love pervades the atmosphere, a call to come home to Yeshua, the Shepherd of our souls, our own Passover Lamb. There is a darkness that can only seek light under the shadow of the cross. There are consequences for the choices and actions for good or for evil. Jonathan Cahn presents a remarkably accessible template to help us find our way, and to meaningfully impact the very course of our own history.

It is particularly gratifying to read the invaluable Manifesto portion of this work. It is a treasure that reads like a book within a book offering profound words of wisdom. It stirs the soul like a rousing call to spiritual battle as we fight discouragement while navigating the waters of a world immersed in increasingly widespread and overwhelming darkness. One may draw a visual parallel with the scene in the Lord of the Rings, where Aragon gathers the living warriors across Middle Earth to defeat the monumental scourge of Sauron’s evil forces. The warriors know they may very well die, but not this day. They are strengthened and impassioned by the courage of Aragon, their fearless leader. There is a similar scene in the movie, Braveheart where William Wallace bands together the clans of Scotland as they take their stand for battle. As a massive opposing army comes into view, the warriors begin to lose the will to fight. Wallace leads them by crying out that there is no going back, no alternative to fighting even if it means a fight unto death. In the end they will know that they will have been slain for freedom. And so it is with Jonathan Cahn’s Manifesto. The reader is inflamed with the rousing courage of Josiah, and so many other men and women of God who stood for truth and goodness in the face of evil, no matter the cost.

Pouring through these pages, the reader will be educated, stunned, inspired, encouraged, and motivated to take up the battle cry of a spiritual warrior. It is a book to read, to share, to pray and reflect upon, and to secure on the shelves of one’s reference library for life. Most particularly, it is a book uncannily appropriate to instill within each reader, the courage, the confidence, and the very practical steps to move forward, to know that each one of us have been called for such a time as this, to become a light that shines as a an unshakable beacon of hope amidst this very present darkness.

As a part of a launch team, I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Linda Edmonds Cerullo Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 3 out of 5 STARS
Normally I love Jonathan Cahn's books. His study of Scripture and the connections he makes to what is going on in today's world are astounding. This book began much the same way as all his other books and I was very intrigued. But the last quarter of the book was redundant. Kept saying the same things over and over again instead of ending the book on a high note. In addition, while the comparisons he makes to recent events (mainly the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision from last summer) was really quite eye-opening, the Old Testament warnings and promises he refers to are mainly for Israel. It would not be unusual or beyond belief that some would also apply to Christianity or the US due to our founding on Judeo-Christian principles, but the Jubilee years were clearly instructions God gave to the Israelite nation and have little if any application to Christians. So while I appreciated the connections to Old Testament Scripture that he made, this book was not one of his finest. Nevertheless I do agree with his assertion that handing the abortion decision back to the states was a good thing even though I think it will do little to turn things around. Any changes to the current madness in the US are welcome, but really only a reprieve. The inmates now run the asylum and our hope is in the Lord's Second Coming. Which hopefully will be soon.

Stephen Horton Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
Once again Jonathan Chan takes you on a journey from ancient locations an texts to modern day times

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

From the valley of Hinnom Israel

To the State of New York

Chan shows the remarkable parallels of ancient prophecies and modern day events

How the times and seasons in Gods plan are precise

And that prophecy has multiple time frame applications

The times that we are in may be dark

But like Josiah of Old we can stand against the tide in humility. And strength trusting in the leading of God and trusting in the direction of the spirit of God working in us

Not only standing against evil but overcoming and transforming the society around us like the believers of the new testament fearless full of confidence in the God that we serve regardless of where that takes us

Cheryl R Anderson Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
Jonathan Cahn has what can only be described as a God given gift to open the Old Testament scriptures and identify patterns of events occurring in the Covenant nation of Israel and the parallel events occurring in America today and the dark spiritual forces behind them. The Josiah Manifesto continues to open the mysteries discussed in his previous books and provides concrete steps that Christians can take to be overcomers and shine their light in the increasing darkness. This book was inspirational to me as it clearly demonstrates the sovereignty of the God of the Bible, who intricately weaves seemingly unrelated events, both good and bad, throughout history to bring about His purposes in His time. I highly recommend this book to all Christians who are looking for answers to the seemingly irrational events of today and what each of us can do to combat the darkness of our times.

Janet Griffith Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS God's people must live and love as in the winning belief. All are surrounded by darkness/evil but prayer, praise and joy in the Lord will see them through all trials.

Paul Case Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
Jonathan proves again he is the Messianic Shofar of this present age. He sounds the alarm in the most provocative and amazing ways. I feel challenged to rise to the task of helping to sound the alarm in whatever way I can. You won't be the same after reading this book. Jonathan has done his part; now let us all do ours.

Randy Tramp Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
Powerfully incredible. Must read for serious minded Christians.

Carolyn Faires Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS Very encouraging

For such a time as this… Darkness will come. But God overcomes! Be an Overcomer with Him. Good wins in the end.

Rozelle Rumford Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
"The Josiah Manifesto" by Jonathan Cahn I have enjoyed reading more than any of his previous books. I could not put it down!! This book is the most intriguing, insightful, and thought provoking of all he has written. Maybe because it's about the confusing time in the world in which we are living!! Cahn does an excellent job of drawing parallels of the evils and immorality of the Old Testament to the evils and immorality so prevalent in our society today. Only driven by the Holy Spirit could we see what Jonathan is revealing to us. Amazing how God is showing us why End Times are coming. If you have questions about prophecy and it's relevance in our world today this is a MUST READ!!!

Monique Pohlman Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
The revelations that this man of God receives is mindblowing

A Molien Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
The Josiah Manifesto is a timely book for the season the church is presently living. As the book tagline says, it is “the ancient mystery & guide for the end times”. With the help of Josiah’s Biblical account, Cahn shares this guide to help the church navigate the increasing evil and darkness of the end times, and counter the evil culture that wants to dictate and impose their laws, media control, entertainment, school education, and more! I should add it is very helpful to read all previous Cahn’s books to understand where the decoding began and understand how the patterns continue to unfold.

Jonathan Cahn has been blessed with the revelation to decode Bible patterns and ancient mysteries that are keys to understanding, not only where we are as a church and a society, but also where we are headed if we don’t make good choices, and how we can change the course if we do. Israel and America share an uncanny parallel that it’s undeniable to refute. These patterns are not hard to see, and Cahn has uncovered them over and over again in every book he has published. This time, the mystery continues to be revealed as the nation refuses to repent.

Cahn opens the book speaking about the present darkness that we are currently experiencing as a nation. He then moves to uncover the mystery about the Jubilee and teaches how the ancient mystery of the Jubilee “sets in motion a reversal and an undoing. It sets free those who are bound, brings back those who are separated, and restores that which was lost.” This is an important key throughout the entire book to understand how the mystery unfolds in our nation, as it did in Israel in ancient times. He also revealed that “it is not so much that the mystery works inside the parameters of human history; it is that human history works inside the parameters of the mystery.” He then proceeds to reveal how this mystery is related to issues such as abortion, the recent global plague, and other events.

It is important to note that, as Cahn states in his book, “what happened to ancient Israel as recorded in the Scriptures happened and was recorded as examples, as patterns for future generations. Thus they serve as templates to give instruction, warning, insight, and revelation.” Based on the mystery of this ancient calendar, current events, and times, it is when Josiah enters the stage to show us the correct response to the evil and darkness that surround us, and what actions we must take as a church and as a nation to point the world to God.

Josiah was a seeker of God, a breaker of altars, a shaker of status quos, and a deliverer of the children, among others. Just as Josiah responded to the darkness and evil around him as a young king, we should also respond to reclaim our nation and the people for God’s glory. We’re living in the same culture and age Josiah lived in ancient times. As Cahn states, “The people of God must wake up to the gravity of the hour and, if already awakened to it, prepare.” Prepare to be able to “stand, to overcome, and to prevail.”

The Josiah manifesto is the guide given to the church to possess the ability to stand, overcome, and prevail over the current darkness and evil that permeates our nation. It is the action plan to adopt and implement as the people of God to bring hope, love, and joy to a fallen nation. “Western civilization is returning to its original and ancient state —that of paganism. This the church must do likewise and return to its original and ancient state —its first and most powerful state—that of the Book of Acts.”

As Cahn states, “Josiah did not wait for others to resist the evils of his age. He was first. He was the groundbreaker. He broke customs, conventions, and the status quo. He did what others had thought to do, had felt to do, and believed to do —but, because of fear, did not do.” In the same way, as God’s people, we should imitate the courage of Josiah and become that voice that breaks the status quo, breaks pagan customs, and reverses the increasing evil that continues to creep into our nation.

This book is once again a call to repentance. “The call is to return”. The future of America, Cahn states, “rests on how the nation responds to the chance it is given.” Every Christian should read this book and heed the call placed before us. Cahn reveals the guide to strategically and successfully navigate the end times we are currently living in. We have the chance to make a difference. How would you respond to this call? What role will you play? Those are the questions we should answer and pray to God to reveal our assignments and seek the understanding of His plans to be active participants and not passive observers.

A.C. Cuddy Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
From the book: “Is there an answer, a guide, a blueprint that reveals what you need to know to survive, to stand, and to prevail in view of what’s coming in the days ahead?

Has it been revealed to us in the appearing of a sign from an ancient mystery playing out in modern times before our eyes?”

Jonathan Cahn does it again. With impeccable research and an amazing ability to bring together ancient mysteries and text and modern-day America, he unfolds history to give us a front row seat into how and what is happening is not a surprise – it was ordained from the foundation of man.

This book serves as a guidebook for us to not just know what to expect, but how to survive and stand and most importantly prevail in what’s coming in the days of the end. As stated in Chapter VI, “The danger of living in an especially darkened culture and of fighting evil, as one must, is to become defined by that against which one is fighting, to let evil become one’s focus, to live in reaction to it, and become its reflection. The righteous must guard against that. They must not be defined by what they stand against but by what they stand for.”

Some may read this book and consider it a stretch to associate ancient Israel to America today. To me it was not a stretch at all. One need only listen to the news for a day to see that we are indeed watching it unfold before our eyes right here in America.

Kimberly Neyer Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 4 out of 5 STARS
The stories are compelling, the interpretations are speculative and sometimes feel like a stretch, however the application is spot on and straight from scripture.

“So the children of God are not only born but appointed for the age of their birth. The timing of their births is not a matter of chance or accident but of destiny. And if they are born into a brazenly godless, apostate, or anti-Christian age, they are not out of place. They are not to fear their age or be intimidated by it. They were born for it. Their age requires them. As it was said of Esther, so too of them, they came to their position “for such a time as this.”¹¹

The children of God must live their lives as an answer to the ages in which they were born. And their lives must manifest to their age Him who is the answer to all ages.

Excerpt from: "The Josiah Manifesto: The Ancient Mystery & Guide for the End Times" by Jonathan Cahn.

Barbara Mozingo Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
As always Rabbi Cahn doesn't disappoint with this newest book. If you are interested in current events how and how they are tied to past events then this is a must read. The Author in his unique style has once again brought to light the happenings of our current clime not only in America but in other Nations. The Book in true Cahn form takes the reader upon a journey, one of discovery and informative lessons. I truly hope you will enjoy it as much as myself. It takes a measure of our present day America , where this Nation has sidetracked and what it could be again.

L.C. Tang Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
The Josiah Manifesto opens up the stunning mysteries that lie behind the dramatic events of recent times that have changed our world – and the message hidden within them with regard to what lies ahead. While reading this book, I could hear the passion in Cahns voice as when I watch him online during his interviews. Written in 9 sections over 54 short chapters and an easy read with eye opening connections. Chapter 47 Age of Apostasy starts on page 189. I should have just started the book at this chapter and worked backwards. I appreciated the notes that started on page 275 which supported the references and includes websites, and article references. Overall a fascinating read!

Jill Barnes Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 4 out of 5 STARS
Once again Jonathan Cahn has produced an amazing book of parallels. With both Covid 19 and the Roe versus Wade legislation, there are parallels from the time they were first introduced until 50 years down the track. The evil began 50 years before the 50th year Jubilee reversed the evil.

The second part of the book deals with the Josiah manifesto. Here there is a parallel between the Old Testament king, Josiah of Judah and what we need to do at this present time to cancel/avert the evils of our day. Cahn gives us a step-by-step progression of what we should do and how we should do it. We must stand against the flow, and not just stand, but fight against it.

Susan Anderson Misey Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
A good read by Jonathan Cahn. Not as revelatory as The Harbinger (I and II) or The Paradigm or Return of the Gods, but a Scriptural prescription for living as a Christian in the End Times. The first half of the book includes an interesting experience Cahn had when called to minister to Cuba as well as a review of the real-life and real-supernatural events that led up to where we are now. The last part of the book inspires the reader to walk the walk through the darkest valleys of our culture and our time. Jonathan Cahn is a man of God and a prophet for such a time as this. Love him.

Bill Ver Velde Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 4 out of 5 STARS
Cahn has given me another lens through which to think about the events of 2020 and thereafter. In my view, the 2020 upheaval was a coordinated assault of the world elites upon the populous all animated by the principalities and powers. Cahn's book has added the overlay of God's righteous judgment upon evil. Now I can view the 2020 upheaval not only as evil running rampant, but thanks to Cahn, I see God's hand at work in it. My favorite quote from the book: "Without the Spirit we cannot succeed. But with the Spirit we cannot fail."

Diane Frady Rated “THE JOSIAH MANIFESTO” a 5 out of 5 STARS
Excellent book

I love first of all that Jonathan Cahn is Jewish and helps us understand from his Jewish background the Old Testament. This book was hard to put down because as you end one chapter he introduces the next as a mystery so you want to continue to discover it. I have read most of his books and hold him in high esteem. I think this is a book every American should read to understand where we are today and if we don't turn back to God where we are heading.