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Published June 2021

Thanks to the generous support and prayers of the community, YFC London has been able to remain actively engaged in their support of youth and families since the onset of the pandemic. Transitioning their facility in March of 2020 to a food procurement and production space, they safely delivered over 29,000 hot meals to youth and families in addition to 150 households receiving weekly food boxes and basic needs supplies. This provided the opportunity for connection, love, and hope to be brought to the homes of hundreds of Londoners.

Meanwhile, the youth team continued supporting youth online and in person whenever restrictions lowered. This connection reached several more hundred youth in the city as the team brought in pro athletes to share, in virtual sessions, their faith stories and message of God’s love to youth.

Working through some of the systemic issues around poverty and food scarcity, YFC London launched their “Hub Harvest” program in January of this year. This program provides youth and families with the ingredients, tools to prepare and cook food, and virtual training for youth to make up to 4 meals each week for their families. Partnering with Harvest Hands Southwestern Ontario, YFC London utilizes rescued quality food headed for landfills and secures it into the hands of families. This both supports them and empowers them during these financially difficult times, once again, providing hope. For those who just need a healthy meal, YFC London continues their meal support through “The Taste of Home”. Taste of Home provides freshly made meals which are frozen for families to select from a variety of 10 options. This program also utilizes rescued food for many of the ingredients to ensure it remains sustainable as well.

The YFC London team have seen the significant decline in mental health among youth in our city because of the pandemic restrictions. This has their team strategizing the ways to get youth gathered and connected through in person programming as soon as they are permitted to do so. Partnering with local agencies, London Housing, and neighbourhood churches, YFC London plans to facilitate neighbourhood outreaches multiple days and evenings each week. These outreaches will be in conjunction with their community sports and recreation programs being provided in the various neighbourhoods as well. Getting youth reconnected post-pandemic restrictions is critical for the empowerment of youth and YFC London is ready to launch.

Please keep the YFC London staff and volunteer teams in your prayers this summer as they serve and bring the message of hope to youth and communities. As well, with restrictions placed on a few of YFC London’s fundraisers this year, please consider how you may financially partner with this organization to keep their impact sustainable in the days and months ahead. Together we are making a significant impact and keeping youth in London strong and full of hope.

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Article provided by:
Executive Director
Youth For Christ London

James brings to the team over 30 years of leadership and ministry with youth. As a child, he had an innate passion to see people discover the love and hope of following Jesus. Nothing has changed today. His desire is that every young person in London would have an opportunity to make an informed decision about following Jesus.

James has the privilege of leading a passionate and engaged team of leaders who journey with youth in all walks of life, while bringing the hope of Jesus to every relationship. Our hope is that London’s future will be filled with compassionate community engaged leaders who have their identity secured in Christ.