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A presentation of latest Christian books to hit the stores

God Never Gives Up on You: What Jacob's Story Teaches Us About Grace, Mercy, and God's Relentless Love

Genre: Faith, Nonfiction, Spirituality, Christianity, Christian

Author: Max Lucado

Publishing Date: September 12, 2023

Availability in London: Creation Bookstore


Ever wonder if you’ve stumbled one too many times for God to use someone like you? Could you benefit from an encounter with God’s unending, unbending, unswerving love and devotion? If your answer is yes, it’s time for you to see how God’s grace transformed Jacob’s life. And if you feel undeserving of God’s grace, this book will serve as a refresher course on God’s perfect plan to use imperfect people to do great things. God Never Gives Up on You is for the strugglers among us and the fumbler within us. For those of us who are part saint, part scoundrel; we mean well, but we don’t always do well. We have breakthroughs and breakdowns, often in the same hour. We need no reminder of our failures. But where can we find examples of God’s steadfast grace? No one is more suited to help assure you of God’s grace than Jacob. He was less a prodigy and more a prodigal. Strong on savvy. Weak on conscience. Jacob took advantage of his famished brother and pulled the wool over the eyes of his dying father, yet God never turned his back on Jacob. And he won’t turn his back on you. If you are ready to start counting on God’s grace and believe he never gives up on you, this book is for you.

READER REVIEWS Courtesy : goodreads

Of the 128 ratings at goodreads, the average rating was 4.59 out of 5 stars Kellie O'Connor Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 5 out of 5 STARS
I absolutely loved this book!!! I've never read anything by Max Lucacdo before but I will now! He lives in Texas, so this book tells you how it is and has that down home country feel. He's not afraid to speak the truth. He tells the story of Jacob in a way that anyone and everyone can relate to. Some parts had me laughing out loud and others filled my eyes with tears.

Jacob's story is told in the book of Genesis in The Holy Bible. Jacob and Esau are twins, the sons of Isaac and Rebekah. Esau was born first and Jacob was born literally grasping Esau's heel. Jacob lived his life deceiving nearly everyone. He cheated Esau out of his birthright in exchange for a bowl of stew. He cheated Esau out of his father's blessing, with his Mother's help, by dressing up like Esau. Understandably, Esau was angry and plotted to kill Jacob. Jacob ran away and kept running for 20 years. Formed a family of his own. He ran away from God, his family, his twin and his home. What a way to live! He's important because his sons became the 12 tribes of Israel. You may be thinking "Why did God choose this guy?" " How did he become a great patriarch? " Good questions. God has plans for everyone known only to Him.

This book is short, only 12 chapters long. I especially loved the first chapter " The Tilted Halo Society". I'm a Christian and definitely not perfect! My halo slips, I make mistakes and I struggle, which qualifies me as a member of The Tilted Halo Society! . If you're honest with yourself you belong too. So does Jacob. "We need no reminders of our failures. We have not forgotten them. But we can use a refresher course on God's stubborn refusal to give on us. " "And no one is more suited to the task than Jacob, the flawed patriarch." This is why this book is written, for us to learn God's grace, mercy and God's relentless love.

I also really loved the chapter called "Past Tense". This one talks about the reunion of Jacob and Esau. I've read this story and have read it so very many times and each time I learn something new. This story is full of hope! There's no perfect family, relationship, marriage, friend, life, ect. Remember, Esau wanted to kill Jacob who ran for his life. Well, 20 years pass by and God calls Jacob to return home... where Esau lived. Of course, Jacob was terrified, coming face to face with his angry twin. Over the years neither brother forgot the other. "Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck and kissed him, and they wept." ( Gen.33:4) Where's the anger, the fear? Gone. Forgiven. Healing took place. God's mercy, grace and love stepped in! No matter how much we try to run away from God, he calls us to Him. Picks us up and shows His Love!!

This book is perfect to read alone, in groups, buddy reads, book clubs, Bible Studies and with family and friends. There's questions at the end of the book to use. We all can relate to Jacobs story!

LAMONT D Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 5 out of 5 STARS
I think I have read about everything Max Lucado has written. For a long time, I stayed away from him because I thought there was not much depth to his writing. Some people may continue to feel that way, but I do not anymore. And I would read all of his books again and again as time permits and opportunities exist. Finally, I would recommend his writings to just about anyone. In this book he focuses on the good, bad and certainly ugly life of Jacob and God's relentless pursuit of him, and the abundant grace and mercy given to the man renamed Israel. Lucado's writing are always entertaining, will bring a smile to your face and will inevitably touch your heart and spirit as he relates plenty of Scripture along with his creative way of illustration his points with stories and observations. At the end there are well over 50 pages of discussion questions for personal or group discussion. As our church does at the end of each service they ask us two questions, what is God saying to you and what are you going to do about it. Basically, these questions will do the same for you and I should take the time to go through them for sure.

Emily Short Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 5 out of 5 STARS
Excellent book! I listened to it and it was read by the author which I really enjoyed. Hadn’t really thought much about Jacob and his life before, but man, what a picture of how he (and we too) continually make terrible decisions and fall short, but how God never does and never gave up on Jacob, and he never gives up on us! Such an encouraging read and reminder of God’s Grace.

Lisa Johnson Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 3 out of 5 STARS
Sharing Jacob's story and relating it to modern day times helped me see how God uses all of us, even the broken and the ones that do not obey God. God never gives up on you!

Roger Smitter Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 5 out of 5 STARS
Max Lucado has given us a book that probably will engage many "Christian" churches. And, probably, he has made a book that some people in some churches would like at all. In the first pages, he says, "If you are a supersait, this book is not for you." (Maybe he has also given us a "superpait" in some churches).

The book is a new way to understand the Bible stories of Jacob and Rebecca and their big family. (10) And there’s many paragraphs in the first pages that give a few ideas that are unusual about these two people. He asks questions like "What short are taking in life?" and there’s a reference to Nixon, 1973, and Watergate. (15) And then there is "There is no shortcuts with God,"

After a few pages, I put the book in the bag that I take back to the library. But, it was two or three other tries before I found some interesting reading.

There was "What shortcuts are taking in life? God has promised to give us all that we need. A garden of Eden of joy, hope, life, and love is for the asking." (23) Then there is Chapter 3, "Ladders from Heaven." A key statement: God did not turn away from one who had turned away from him." (33)

It is surprised to see words that explain God’s decisions for the people in the Bible story. These are not bad words in any kind of writing. But it’s not the kind of way most of us (from churches) we use when we talk about the Bible.

The book does get to a specific piece of a story from the Bible story in the second part of Genesis. (It’s the part of Genesis we never read.)

It’s a difficult book for some people in many churches. But it gives what the label on the book says.

Vickie Fisher Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 5 out of 5 STARS
I have read Max Lucado Bible Studies many times and watched his videos, but this is the first time I have read a book by him and it won't be the last. God Never Gives Up on You... had me seeing Jacob in a totally different light. And give me so much hope for myself. I loved this book, and can't wait to read the back log of books I have missed from Max Lucado.

Rich Thornton Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 5 out of 5 STARS
This is an excellent book from the heart and study of Max Lucado. He doesn’t sugarcoat either the life of Jacob/Israel or himself/Max. The hero is God and the grace of God shines through. So good to hear Max read his own book because I really enjoy his voice.

Theresa LeBlanc Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 5 out of 5 STARS
Beautiful and much needed!

Been feeling like a hot mess lately, defective & broken. I so needed this reminder of God’s grace. This cracked vessel has picked herself up, dusted herself off, and will keep going where God leads. Flaws and all.

Stacy Wiggins Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 5 out of 5 STARS
I can relate to this story about Jacob and have learned a lot from reading his story. It was broken down to where I could understand and relate to what was happening at that time.

Barbara A. Prescott Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 5 out of 5 STARS
Inspires great hope

This book touched and encouraged me in a time of emotional chaos. The story of Jacob is our story. Read this book and find yourself. I did.

Amy Hart Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 5 out of 5 STARS
New perspectives I had not thought of before.

Kenny Schwarz Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 4 out of 5 STARS
A strong look at Jacob as it pertains to current life’s challenges. The book lends itself well for biblical study as it relates to both New and Old Testament. However the format for both individual and group study makes the read a bit clunky. Overall a strong read for Christ followers.

Sarah K Rated "God Never Gives Up on You" a 4 out of 5 STARS
I haven't read Max Lucado in a long time, but heard him talk about this book on a podcast, so checked the audiobook out from my library. I really enjoyed it! Though I've read the story of Jacob in the Bible many times, I learned so much in this book about how God really pursues him (and us) through the good and the bad. I also liked how the author talked about the difference between Jacob and Israel and the redemption found in the renaming of this man. The audio narration was good as well!