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Title: I'll Push You: A Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends, and One Wheelchair)

Author: Patrick Gray & Justin Skeesuck

ISBN-10: 9781496421708

Publishing Date: July 6, 2017

Availability in London: Creation Bookstore.

Available in Hardcover and Audiobook


Two best friends, 500 miles, one wheelchair, and the challenge of a lifetime.

Friendship takes on new meaning in this true story of Justin and Patrick, born less than two days apart in the same hospital. Best friends their whole lives, they grew up together, went to school together, and were best man in each other’s weddings. When Justin was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease that robbed him of the use of his arms and legs, Patrick was there, helping to feed and care for him in ways he’d never imagined. Determined to live life to the fullest, the friends refused to give into despair or let physical limitations control what was possible for Justin.

So when Justin heard about the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile trek through Spain, he wondered aloud to Patrick whether the two of them could ever do it. Patrick’s immediate response was: “I’ll push you.”

I’ll Push You is the real-life story of this incredible journey. A travel adventure full of love, humor, and spiritual truth, it exemplifies what every friendship is meant to be and shows what it means to never find yourself alone. You’ll discover how love and faith can push past all limits?and make us the best versions of ourselves.

Reader reviews;

Kelly Long rated it 4 out of 5 Stars
I was a bit reluctant to read this book because I didn't want the religious aspect of it to be preachy. But I was interested in their amazing friendship and even more amazing adventure. And luckily it didn't focus too much on religion, otherwise I wouldn't have finished it. This turned out to be a great story with a lot of humor from both men. It was incredible how many people volunteered to help them get through this journey and those people showed up just when they needed help the most. This was such an inspiring story and makes me want to grab a close friend to do a long distance hike together.

Dave Harbert rated it 4 out of 5 Stars
I'm sure having done the Camino myself made this book even more enjoyable but I have to believe someone who had never walked it would also enjoy it. This book is as much about friendship as it is the Camino de Santiago. The bond between these two is remarkable. The depth of their love for each other is as inspiring as the journey they undertook. I cried tears of joy several times. I could hear the Rocky theme song playing in my head while reading about Justin's workout regiment to prepare for the demanding task before him.

The Camino taxes you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Some are surprised that it's a physical challenge. We averaged 13 miles per day which most people could do on any given day. But try doing it day after day after day. It starts to wear on you. The repetition of daily routine also plays with your mind. It's easy to lose focus and acuity. Emotional swings are common as well. Finally, the silence found in the long haul affords the opportunity to reflect and be alone with God, affording the chance to reconnect with Him.

Debra Lowman rated it 4 out of 5 Stars
Whoa, what a crazy, amazing story of friendship and courage. If you need to restore your hope in the human race, this is it. These two men united nations, races, and generations of people as a part of their own pilgrimage. Well done, easy to read, and engaging.

Brenda Dube rated it 5 out of 5 Stars
This story really touched me. I wrote down so many notable quotes as I was reading so I wouldn't forget their impact. The amazing friendship and strong bond that these two guys have for each other is very rare, especially for men! Even though as adults they lived in different cities, they managed to remain close friends. One quote from the book that describes this well: "the effort we both choose to put into our relationship is indicative of the value we place on one another ". Their journey together on the Camino is nothing short of incredible.

I only heard of the Santiago de Camino a few months ago when our friends told us they were planning a pilgrimage of 500 miles on the Camino. My first thought was why would anyone want to walk 500 miles!?! As I was reading this story I kept thinking about my friends and the obstacles they may face and the amazing wonders and friendships they will encounter on their journey. We are reading this book for our book club and our friend will bring a first hand account to our meeting, so I am excited to hear of their adventures.

The message I take away from this story is, maintaining long lasting friendships is hard work, and you must make a conscious effort to reach out to friends near and far. The following quote from the book explains this well: "we must pursue one another, just as our bodies hunger for food and drink, our hearts long for love, our souls long to be pursued. "

Thank you Patrick and Justin for sharing this wonderful story, I look forward to watching your film.

Debbi DuBose rated it 4 out of 5 Stars
This Memoir: I'LL PUSH YOU: A JOURNEY OF 500 MILES, TWO BEST FRIENDS, AND ONE WHEELCHAIR is a book that I won't soon forget. It's written by these two best friends: Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck. When the two of them are in high school, they are involved in a car accident, in which the Toyota truck they're in is rolled over and over. They both seem to come out of this accident Okay, however.

Until later when Jason, playing a soccer game, notices his one foot is not performing; it keeps turning in and he's dragging it. He gets many wrong diagnosis in the following years, but still marries, and begins a family. Then he finally finds a Neurologist who correctly diagnoses him with MAMA (multifocal acquired motor axonopathy). Eventually, this will worsen, but they don't know enough to give him a time period for any of these things that will occur.....including death. When Jason decides he wants to travel the Camino de Santiago, as a pilgrimage, Patrick volunteers to go with him. This is their wonderful story of a lifelong friendship and a never to be forgotten trip! Very well done.

Amber Martin rated it 5 out of 5 Stars
Once in a while you read a book that makes you think about how you’re living your life and what you may or may not complain about. I first heard of I’ll Push You on The Today Show when Patrick and Justin were explaining their story. It instantly hit my “To Read” shelf because it sounded so interesting. It turns out that “interesting” was an understatement. I cried the first time only 40 pages in.

Justin Skeesuck has a neuromuscular disease and while he doesn’t have the use of his legs or arms that doesn’t stop him from living life. After seeing a special on PBS about the Camino De Santiago, a 500 mile trail leading from France to southern Spain he decides he wants to make that trip with his best friend Patrick Gray. While it seems a bit crazy at first Patrick says the three words that become the jump start for an epic adventure. “I’ll push you”. Patrick knows Justin lets nothing hold him back and at one point even questions “So what’s holding me back? What’s keeping me from living life the same way?”

After reading just that one line I kept going back and reading it over and over. These two amazing men end up getting so much help from so many generous strangers who just see them struggling and stop to help. A valuable lesson is to be learned here… we can’t always do it on our own. I will point out that this book does have a lot of talk about God. While I’m not religious on any level I understand how their faith in something bigger than themselves helped push them along. I’ll Push You will make you cry (I read Claudia’s journal entry through tears) and make you laugh (“It’s on my junk!”).

Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster as you sit on your couch and root for them to get up the next big hill with a 250lb wheelchair. You’ll then find that you want to get up off said couch and go live life the way it was meant to be lived. This was an amazing and inspirational read.

Hannah Bierwirth rated it 4 out of 5 Stars
There were many parts of this book that were simply amazing to experience. As Justin and Patrick move forward along the trail, they learn about each other and themselves. As the reader, we learn more about their pasts and their lifelong friendship. One of my favorite parts was seeing Patrick reflect on his priorities at home and deciding to measure his life differently. However, this book had a few downsides, in my opinion. First, it's extremely simplistic writing. It is obvious that these two men have never written a book before. In particular the dialogue is very elementary. Second, at times I felt there was repetition as each narrator wrote multiple passages to underscore one point. Finally, the religious undertones were pretty heavy handed, which didn't resonate with me.

Peggy Hess Greenawalt rated it 4 out of 5 Stars
Several years ago I had the privilege of visiting Santo Domingo de la Calzada in La Rioja region of Spain. I had just watched the movie The Way, and was excited to see pilgrims all over with backpacks and walking sticks. So when this book came to my attention, I read it immediately. It truly was a wonderful and inspirational story that took my breath away at times. Now I anxiously await the documentary showing November 2nd in theaters across the USA.

Cheryl Wood rated it 5 out of 5 Stars
Patrick, Justin I admire the both of you. Compassion, grace, when life becomes challenging neither of you backed down and persevered. Courage, dignity and a very powerful bond of life-long friendship.

The truth that God’s love is more powerful than any darkness that we can face. I’ll Push You is a powerful reminder of faith, friendship and community. We don’t need a church building, we are the church. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. A story of two men, Patrick and Justin, born in the same hospital two days apart, grew up together and faced life side by side. One able-body (Patrick) pushing one wheel-chair bound (Justin) 500 miles on a journey traveling the famous Camio de Santiago.

We all go through trials, but what a better way than to have your best friend next to you through thick and thin. Each one willing to sacrifice. Sometimes it is hard to let go and let other’s help. I cried when Patrick let go of control and let others push Justin when he could no longer push his wheelchair. Justin also reminds us life is too short and to enjoy what you have.