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Christian Life in London began as a newspaper back in 2007. The Late Mike Wilkins, along with the original founders of the Christian Churches Network of London (CCNL) saw the opportunity to fill a void in London's media, with the launch of a monthly publication dedicated to the Good News. For the five years that followed, the Christian Life in London newspaper was distributed via home delivery and through the churches in London, fostering greater connections and awareness of the Christian community. With over 200 Christian churches and more than 100 Christian Servant Ministries, there is so much to share with the community about the work being done in His name.

In late 2011, CCNL made the decision to cease the production of the newspaper and accepted the offer by the FocusOn Group Inc to take over Christian Life in London, to relaunch it as an online publication. The management of the FocusOn Group, a London based producer of online B2B publications, thought Christian Life in London was such an important voice for the Christian community, they did not want it to disappear.

In February 2012, the first edition of the online Christian Life in London was produced with stories, articles and interviews designed to engage all Londoners to talk about, share and get involved in the London's Christian family .... and it worked!

Every month since that very first online edition, Christian Life in London has sustained rapid growth in its reach and readership, becoming the resource for the Christian community to expand, share and spread their faith. While the majority of the subscribers do live in London and the surrounding areas, there are now subscribers in more than 50 countries around the globe!

In addition to the local Christian news, articles and interviews, every edition of Christian Life in London, consists of many other very popular monthly features. Features such as Book Mark, the monthly review of the latest Christian books while Reel Review takes a look at the new big screen releases from a Christian perspective. The Community Events Guide provides an overview of the upcoming events in and around London and the Community Services section of Christian Life in London is the valuable interactive resource linking readers to over 60 categories of services available in the City. From Grief Share, ESL classes, Thrift Stores and even Quilting Groups, the Community Services guide simplifies the search.

Your opinions are very important, if you have any questions, suggestions, remarks, or would like to contribute content, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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