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Must Read Tips for Upgrading Your Living Space - The First in a Three Part Series

Should we stay or should we go? That IS the Question.

If you have a little to spend or a lot to spend, the options to enhance your indoor or outdoor living space are limitless.

While this edition is focused on outdoor living space, we came a cross a very interesting and cost effective option for upgrading your outdoor AND indoor furnishing.

ReDECOR is a London based company about to celebrate its one-year anniversary. They feature a 3000 square foot showroom with gently used, upscale furniture and home accessories at a fraction of the original price. Contemporary, antique, vintage, traditional or modern decor have been carefully selected for consideration. See brands such as Ethan Allen, Wesley Hall, Austin Taylor and lots more at 50 to 80% off the original retail prices. Drop by their showroom at 1055 Sarnia Road to check out the latest arrivals.

In addition to the stores focused, primarily on your indoor upgrades, we are so fortunate to have a pool of talented people in London to work with to make you as proud and comfortable with your outdoor space as you are inside your home.

Our city also has the reputation for having some of Canada's best landscapers, outstanding pool and deck companies and nurseries to stratify any green thumb.

Where to start

Take furnishings for example. There is such an abundance of outside furniture options from the basic Canadian Tire $6.99 plastic chair to designer furniture costing thousands.

In this edition, we are providing you with the results of our research and consultation with the experts on some low, medium and high cost ideas for enhancing the back yard.

Add some bold colours!

Give your outdoor space a unique flair by choosing a bold color for your furniture. On a budget? It's amazing what a can of spray paint will do for old, rusty furniture. Or, those $6.99 Canadian Tire plastics! spaces.

More Colour Ideas. How about Pillows

Brightening an outdoor space can be as easy as swapping out throw pillows. Here, bamboo chairs and a sofa featuring bright white cushions are accented with mismatched pillows featuring playful, seasonal patterns.

Your Spot

Any outdoor living space benefits from lots of cozy seating. This bench is the perfect spot to curl up with a good book or just relax and enjoy the beautiful flower garden. A latticework trellis adds texture.

The Natural Look

For an outdoor space with rustic, natural beauty, install a flagstone patio or walk. This home features a stone facade similar to the irregular stones used on the patio -- connecting the house to its surroundings. Lush plantings dotted with bright, colorful flowers line both sides of the patio.

Fountains - not cheap but so beautiful

A successful outdoor space takes into consideration all the senses, including sound. And no sound says relaxing like moving water. An elegant fountain featuring one simple stream of water is the perfect focal point for this small, sunken outdoor space.

The Hammock

There's nothing quite like taking a Sunday afternoon nap in your own backyard hammock. Don't worry if you don't have two perfectly spaced trees to hang one from. Attach the hammock to a pergola like these homeowners did, and still benefit from the shade the pergola provides. A hammock stand is another option.

Grated Trellis

If you want to separate your outdoor space from your driveway or a street but you want to maintain accessibility, consider a gated arbor. These homeowners opted for a shorter, curved-top gate to create separation without blocking views. A mix of bright whites and cool grays give the space an elegant and sophisticated look.

A multilevel outdoor space

It provides more options for creating separate areas to entertain, dine and relax. Here, rustic metal steps connect each level to give the naturally elegant space an industrial vibe.

Large Fireplace

This massive fireplace offers a stunning focal point while also serving as one of two support walls for three large beams that give the impression of a ceiling. A variety of seating options -- a dining table, bar stools, and chairs for cozying up next to the fireplace -- make this the perfect spot to entertain.

Add a Stylish Privacy Wall

One key to any successful outdoor space is privacy. Here, a wooden wall serves double duty -- offering privacy and providing an attractive backsplash for the outdoor kitchen. Lush plantings pick up the privacy where the wall leaves off.

Solid Roof

A solid roof protects this outdoor space from rain and other elements, allowing the homeowners to have comfy fabric-covered sofas outside. In addition to the roof, an outdoor heating element extends the London patio season.

Below is a list of all contributing Companies

Click on a logo, or use the information below to contact them directly.

All Steel Roofing Systems

Tel: 1-866-766-9990 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

AM Roofing Ltd.

Tel: 519-668-1555 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

Children's Furniture Gallery

Tel: 519-649-2590 | Tel: 800-613-9280 | Fax: 519-649-6689 Inquiries [Email] | Web:

Crawford Hardwood Flooring

Tel: 519-671-2058 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

Elmira Stove Works

Tel: 519-451-2124 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

First Class Windows and Doors

Tel: 519-630-8993 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

First Impressions Windows & Doors

Tel: 519-652-9430 | Tel: 519-495-4798 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

Habitat for Humanity

Tel: 519-455-6623 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

London Home Basics

Tel: (519) 453-8046 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

John Zubick Ltd. Scrap Metals

Tel: (519) 451-5470 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

Living Colour Paint & Wallpaper

Tel: 519-686-7000 | Tel: 519-871-6424 | Fax: 519-686-7008 Inquiries [Email] | Web:

Moving Again

Tel: 519-439-5987 | Tel: 1-866-358-6499 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

Pardy Contracting

Tel: 519-281-8591 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

ReDecor Consignment

Tel: 226-884-4144 |

RGS Granite

Tel: 519-601-5737 | Inquiries [Email] | Web:

Trails End Market

Tel: 519-268-3840 | Inquiries [Email] | Web: