Mrs. Andrews, the elderly church secretary was so excited to get her first computer

When it arrived, Jerry, a computer technician from a large church came over to teach her the basics. The learning started off slowly but within a few days she was getting quite good and Jerry was very impressed. He said he would let her work by herself for the rest of the week and come back on Monday.

When Jerry arrived the following week, they sat together as she excitedly turned on the computer to show all what she had leaned. He watched as she typed in her password: Mickey_Minie_Pluto_Huey_Louie_Dewey_Donald_Goofy.

“Mrs. Andrews”, Jerry asked, ”Why are you using such a long password?”

She looked at him sternly, “I was just doing exactly what you told me to do, you said make sure my password is at least eight characters!”