The Carpenters

Jesus had been working particularly hard for many days straight. His assistant insisted he take a break and just commit some time to himself.

He was not keen on doing something alone but he did think it was a good idea to get away from the office. He wandered the golden streets meeting people and having selfies taken with them. It was later in the afternoon and most work had stopped for the day. As Jesus walked a little further, he heard the sound of sawing and hammering.

He found the house where the noise was coming from and he peeked in the open window. He saw a bearded carpenter, working so hard the drops of perspiration were falling to the saw dust covered floor.

Jesus said to the man, “Why don’t you stop and rest? The work day is over.”

The old man said, “No, I must continue. You see I had a son back on earth whose birth was a miracle. I have not been able to find him though I know he is here. He knows that I am a carpenter and I thought if he heard me working he would find me.”

Jesus stared at the man, his eyes started to mist. The man stared back

“Father?” Jesus asked.

“Pinocchio?” the man replied.