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A Movement To Eradicate Human Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation In Canada.

Imagine you get the call.

It’s the police, a social worker, a parent, maybe even Children’s Aid.

They have a young woman -- sometimes a child -- who is being trafficked... and they’re desperate for help.

It’s 2 a.m. It’s 4 in the afternoon. It can happen at any time, really.

You call or text them back.

Hi, my name’s Kelly. I got your name from ____. I don't know all that you’re going through. But I’ve been there. I’m wondering if you’d like to grab a meal together?

Sometimes the woman/girl will say yes. Other times it’s “Who the $#&% are you?!” and hang up.

Sometimes it can take months and months and months to break through and establish a connection. Sometimes she calls back, desperate for support.

But Kelly, the staff, and volunteers persevere.

And once a girl connects and builds a bridge towards trust, the next step is the farm. And the horses.

Girls are invited to meet a horse. To smell, feel and hear, to take care of and develop a bond with horses in a quiet, safe place.

Kelly says that the first time a girl touches a horse it’s like magic.

From a 1,500-pound animal that could crush them, survivors instantly develop a gentle, “no judgement” bond that allows them to reconnect with their own humanity. And the horses do their job.

For survivors -- whose trust has been destroyed, who are often living in fear and isolation -- the healing work that Courage for Freedom does in southwestern Ontario with Kelly's horses has been a lifeline for dozens and dozens and dozens.

While #ProjectMapleLeaf seeks to eradicate trafficking, the work of healing and restoration still continues...and is vitally necessary.

Kelly and her team believe in the need to be connected to current issues girls are facing to speak publicly, train others and demand change in laws and care.

Your support, financial or otherwise, goes to help Project Maple Leaf raise awareness, lobby officials and do research.

But it also helps in the day-to-day effort of Kelly Tallon Franklin and Courage for Freedom using their horses and resources to help survivors get back on their feet.

One of our fundraising goals is to help expand support staff and care for horses in the barn offering more secure, safe space opportunities for survivors to heal. Your donation today goes directly to materials and other costs to help Courage for Freedom say "yes" to all the calls before winter is upon us.

There are many ways to help:
  • Take the #EradicateChallenge
  • Follow and share #ProjectMapleLeaf messages on your networks
  • Donate and support our work financially
  • Lobby your elected officials to strengthen our laws and demand change (more on this to follow in the coming weeks).

Kelly Tallon Franklin Canada’s Leading Expert In Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness And Certification

Kelly Tallon Franklin is the founder of Courage for Freedom, a Canadian-based organization who exists to educate, train and certify front-line and community service providers on proven strategies and prevention tactics serves vulnerable victims of human trafficking and sexually exploited girls.

She is also the Executive Director of Farmtown Canada, a provider of minor-aged victim services and restorative “horse that heal” programs for young girls whose innocence has been compromised by criminals who recruited, coerced, and exploited them.

As a human-rights advocate specifically in the areas of human trafficking, women’s rights and community protection, Kelly has been a long-time voice for those in the vulnerable sector. She works tirelessly to share her message and advocacy to government, corporations, municipalities and communities.

Kelly believes that Courage for Freedom is born out of doing the right thing. It is not just a social justice issue, but a human issue where each one of us is called to lead our lives honorably and with impact to take action and foster positive, lasting change.