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Farmtown Canada/Courage for Freedom

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Safety and Support for Girls’ needs - Awareness and Care from Communities

Farmtown Canada takes pride and is humbled by the communities and people it has had a long-standing history with. Together they have offered timely and beneficial responses to gaps in service to minors since 2007. Today, an important part of our ongoing community commitment is their sole focus on minor aged girls who are victims of human sex trafficking and their family who has been affected and traumatized. They are doing incredibly valuable work and have the respect, thanks and support of Officers, agencies, families and our community.

Following recent community training sessions and awareness talks, Farmtown Canada has discovered that activating Courage for Freedom as an arm of the charity will drive awareness and offer professionals training to enable confident support responses immediately. Front line workers, community agencies, and the public will benefit from level specific tactics training and companion resources. Building more awareness with professionals, businesses and individuals ensures the work of protecting, and supporting victims will get better. Trained persons have a greater impact in relationships with victims and supporting workers, police officers, community.

“We at Farmtown Canada/Courage for Freedom want to assure you that this need is not news to us and was and is part of our strategic plan and work focus for the past few year,” said Farmtown Canada Director Kelly Franklin, “Anyone working in this field including FTC and C4F, partner agencies and collaborators identify these same immediate needs, threats and barriers to ongoing safety and supports for minor aged girls. All because of the lack of community and individual AWARENESS. If we are not aware, we cannot care.”

To bring more awareness to Ontario is the result of interviews, training, surveys, victim testimonials and requests for care and support. “Rest assured we are “on this” and will continue to offer support to victims and their families”, says Franklin, “training of professionals and front-line workers and awareness to the public that enacts more support in the community.”

There are a number of interim measures that are being implemented as Farmtown Canada addresses this. They are making available the interim report to say THANK YOU to those past financial partners that has enabled all the great news you will read about.

We know you value the Farmtown Canada work, care about young girls and their families, and understand the vitally important role Farmtown Canada plays in the lives of all who experience their support, training and activism.

Continuing to journey with Courage for Freedom at Farmtown Canada, girls and their families is the request of Kelly Franklin and her team. The work they have to do ahead is beyond the capacity of their current financials and they are making this special urgent appeal right now!

Since printing the report and sending this appeal, Farmtown Canada has trained 28 additional agencies, organizations, groups and NGO’s because of donations from caring contributors.

Farmtown Canada really does need your donation for support resources right now. You can help to keep then going!

You can join in helping to raise awareness and care by giving in one or more of these various ways:
  • Invest immediately for girls by donating money and care in the envelope provided
  • Donate online via PayPal, Canada Helps
  • Volunteer to raise funds with nine family or friends #ONENINENINETYNINE for awareness #ProjectONroute
  • Book Kelly to speak or train your group, church, association community event
  • Email or call Kelly to have a chat about volunteering.
  • Consider what donating your time and/or expertise could do to benefit a girl.
  • Order Kelly’s Book #1 Best Selling Co-Authored Motivational Novel (or a case of books) Great gift or give-a-way for biz, friends, family for Christmas(funds support girls services)

For an 8-page detailed community report to read and celebrate accomplishments please email

Farmtown Canada
Phone: 519-773-2292