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By Mike Toth

Matthew 22: 37-40: Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. ‘All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Missionary Ventures started in Florida in 1982 when two brothers had a vision to reach the people of Guatemala during the horrific civil war there. Missionary Ventures Canada got its start in 1992 and presently works in ten countries throughout Central and South America, Africa and the Ukraine.

While it was borne out of crisis, Missionary Ventures is not a relief organization as one would traditionally envision it. They go into countries to support the national and indigenous churches with their vision of what God has called them to do.

“Why would we go in an do our thing,” says Brad Wilson, President and Executive Director of Missionary Ventures Canada. “We want the local church and community to have a sense of ownership. We want what we do to be sustainable so we assist with infrastructure and want to focus on developing Christian leaders. We do the work WITH them not FOR them!”

For decades ministries have seen their efforts struggle to gain traction due to the overwhelming obstacles many of the people they are trying to minister to face. This is why MV Canada is practicing a holistic approach, preaching the gospel and supporting local churches as well as attacking the cycle of poverty through agricultural programs including crops and animals, health programs, education, and clean water projects.

One example of the community development MV Canada is involved in is in the area of clean water in Swaziland. In two areas this year they worked with local pastors to set up an oversight committee which would be responsible for the well that would be dug. The committee will set up a small fee for the use of the well which would be used for the maintenance of it. Together with the committee, we would also agree on how much the community could pay back over the next two years. While the amount the communities pay would be very minimal and certainly not cover the cost of the well, there will be a ceremony celebrating ownership being turned over to that local community once those funds are recovered. Those funds would then reinvested in the community or held for the next project.

Another example is the medical clinic started in Nebaj, Guatemala, one of the communities hardest hit in the long civil war. The clinic was started 11 years ago in through the efforts of two Christian Guatemalans. Due to the efforts of a local doctor and initial funding from MV, it has gone from two staff to 27 staff currently and has been fully self sustaining for the last six years. MVCanada is partnering with the doctors in the building of this hospital.

So how can you help? Short term to mid term individuals and missionary teams are needed. The following skills are especially in demand:
  1. Encouragers who will walk alongside members of the local community. Missionaries need to be able to teach, serve and encourage at a subservient level rather than from an authoritarian perspective.
  2. Knowledge in agriculture and animal husbandry. The need is for those who can teach, and pick up where the last team left off. The people MV Canada serve need to have missionaries work side by side with them until they can become experts themselves.
  3. Health professionals. This ranges from doctors and nurses to provide medical care to physiotherapists who can help people get back on their feet to nutrition specialists who can translate local resources into healthy diets.
  4. Construction workers who can work with local materials and techniques. While projects may not be as “efficient” as we are used to the focus has to be on self-sustainability.
  5. Business experts who can help with microbusiness.
  6. Those who love children for ESL and children’s ministry.
  7. Pastors who can get alongside church leaders. The mission trip can be revitalizing both for the pastors and churches that get a vision for international missions.
  8. People who love people. Anyone can love another person or culture and go and provide love and encouragement.

As an example of one Christian whose life has been impacted by serving, Wilson is motivated by a desire to make his life count and the knowledge of how much grace he personally has been shown “Christ’s love compels us to help,” says Wilson. “ Life isn’t about stuff, it’s not about money. I love to see others, especially “green” people (first timers) impacted so much.”

“God’s kingdom is more than what we see. It is alive. God wants us to become actively involved in what He’s doing around the globe and by being involved God can develop the Father’s hearts in us. Sometimes it starts with just doing something.”

Besides going on a mission you can be involved with MV Canada by praying for the ministry or donating to the work (more information at For more information about the ministry in general you can go to