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By Nigel Garnaitis

If you walked through the International Plowing Match in Harriston, ON (September 20-24), you would have seen a booth set up with a sign reading, “What the Bible Teaches.” This was the Fellowship of Christian Farmers – Canada (FCF-C). I reached out to Wayne Clark, FCF-C’s executive director, and asked him a couple of questions about the organization and what they do. Here’s our conversation:

NG: What is the mission of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers - Canada (FCF-C)? Wayne Clarke (WC):Our mission is stated in our purpose: to build, maintain, and strengthen faith in God for the farmer, the farm family, and the community through presenting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

NG: What is your hope for Canada's Christian agriculture labourers? WC: That they would be encouraged and equipped to share their faith in their communities (outside the church walls)! However, our organization is not limited to farmers; as Christians we are all called to “sow seed” in God’s harvest field.

NG: What challenges are farmers across Canada currently facing? WC: New trade deals diminish the income for some. With consolidation of farms, the agricultural community has really shrunk (there is now one farm family where fifty years ago there were six or seven). Weather is always a factor – this year’s drought in western Ontario reduced crop yields, and early snow on the prairies has reduced harvest.

NG: What is going well for farmers these days? WC: At the moment the low Canadian dollar helps in commodity sales, although it hurts in input costs.

NG: How does your organization respond to these challenges? WC: We encourage neighbour helping neighbour. In an economic crisis, FCFC can’t save the farm, but it can help you see things in perspective, i.e. there is a bigger picture: God is in control and has a plan for your life.

NG: What excites you about this work? WC: Seeing Christians becoming bold and excited about sharing their faith! We see walls broken down in the Christian community as churches from various denominations work together to share the gospel with the lost. Pastor Frederick Colella from Quebec says it well: “This ministry has helped us motivate and train our people for evangelism. Also, the multiple events [in] our area have allowed churches of various evangelical backgrounds to work together like never before. Because of this, we have witnessed a new unity and a powerful new dynamic of service and prayer.”

NG: Why are events like the International Plowing Match (IPM) important to the FCF-C? WC: Jesus said “go into the world” and share the gospel with everyone. The IPM is a mission field! It’s an opportunity to share the gospel with thousands. We want to reach the people who are not in the pews. We meet people from many walks of life. It’s a non-threatening environment – people are happy to stop and talk.

NG: What are some of the other events you attend? WC: The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto; The London Farm Show; Zurich Bean Festival; Atlantic Farm Mechanization Show in Moncton; Western Festival in St. Tite, QC; Agritrade Show in Red Deer, AB; Pacific Ag Show in Abbotsford, BC; plus over a hundred others across Canada. We look at any public event where we can set up a booth as a possibility for outreach.

NG: How do you see your work as farmers as participating in building God's kingdom? WC: God’s Kingdom is built as people come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. “But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?”  Romans 10:14 (NLT). This is how we participate in building God’s Kingdom – by telling people the Good News of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to learn more about the Fellowship of Christian Farmers – Canada, check out their website ( or email them for more information (