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SO much Happening at Sanctuary London
The summer has flown by in excess of a thousand miles an hour, and so much has happened here in the Sanctuary community, it’s hard to know where to start! Here is a quick look at some of what’s been going on!

Full Moon Festival
We had so much fun at Sanctuary’s Full Moon Festival on Sept. 17th. BBQ chicken dinner, 2 great bands and fireworks to top off the night! A huge thank you goes out to Rick and Jennifer Branderhorst for hosting us at their amazing property.

Sanctuary was able to raise over $16,000 to help keep us going. Perhaps this shall be the first of many???

Sanctuary Homes
You’ve heard about the Sanctuary Homes before. We continue to be thankful for this unique opportunity to provide a safe and loving place for 8 of our community members to call home.
As you can imagine, it has not been easy. Living together with anyone never is! Just imagine trying to work out what it means to be family together, with a group of people who may never have had a healthy experience living with others before!

Please continue to pray for the people living in the Sanctuary Homes, and for the community at large as we seek to support them.

Generous Space
In Matthew 11:28, Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden”.
And since the very beginning, Sanctuary has always been a place that desires to be welcoming for all people. And we literally mean ALL people, regardless of socio-economic, or religious, or sexual/gender background or any other differences that may be between us. But we have learned that in order to feel included, sometimes people living in the furthest margins of society require a specific invitation. This is why our vision statement is written to say: “We are becoming a healthy, welcoming community where people who are poor or excluded are particularly valued.”

While much of our focus has been on people who struggle with various forms of homelessness, we have had too many encounters with friends from the LGBTQ+ community to ignore them any longer. These people are important in the Kingdom of God, and in order for them to feel welcomed, it is our responsibility as followers of Christ to send them a specific invitation, an access point to our community.

Therefore, in partnership with New Direction Ministries in Toronto, Sanctuary has launched a group called Generous Space. The purpose of this group is to set apart some time in our week to explore what it may look like to follow Jesus as people and allies of people who are sexual minorities.

Sanctuary's new online gift shop, the Touch of Home...
We invite you to be part of a beautiful picture of people coming together to fight against the injustices of poverty in our city.

So often the members of our Sanctuary community are told they have nothing good to offer Society. Many of the items in the Touch of Home store are hand crafted by these very people. This gives them the gift of dignity, self-worth, and a sense of accomplishment. For many of these people being involved in a loving community such as Sanctuary also gives them a place to call home.

Our goal at Touch of Home is for Sanctuary to offer just that to those affected by poverty in London and to take the fruit of that beautiful gift and sell handmade, local, Canadian products which help to make your house feel more like home.

That is the beautiful picture that you can now be a part of.

Click HERE to check out the Touch of Home store, please visit:

Dish-pit Dance Parties!
It all started with chocolate covered pretzels. Somebody posted on Facebook that Sanctuary London needed baked goods for their Christmas stockings. After offering to make chocolate covered pretzels, I was invited to help with the Christmas dinner. Then a karaoke party, Sunday service and I was hooked. When I attended Sanctuary back in December for the first time, I experienced everything I had ever dreamed a church and community would be. It was love, raw and unapologetic. When I came back for more, I found home. Through all the little things - the hugs from little ones, learning new games with various new friends, dish-pit dance parties - Sanctuary continued to chip away a bigger and bigger home in my heart.

The concept of joining the staff at Sanctuary was thrilling and daunting. This was exactly the kind of job I had always dreamed of, and as a result I was terrified at the prospect of failing. I am not perfect. I have too many flaws to count, and the idea that I could actually be used in such an incredible place was a little out of reach for me. But that is why this is the perfect community for me. There are no facades, I'm not asked to be someone I'm not. I'm allowed to be real, and to be used by God in whatever way He sees fit, leaning on Him in the more difficult times. Psalm 71:3 says 'Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go'. This is my constant prayer and reminder.

'Being intentional' about certain things, be it relationships or fundraising is a lesson I am learning and loving. Relationships have been the easy part. Loving my friends, and spending time with them is both a blessing and joy. Support raising on the other hand is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. It's incredibly challenging and humbling to have to approach others, ask for help, and allow them to do so.

Welcome Breezey! It’s been less than two months since we officially hired her and already Sanctuary has been extremely blessed by the presence of Breezey Allen. Breezey has been working on setting up a new website for our organization, has helped with the launching of our online store called “Touch of Home” (see page 4 for more on that!) and most importantly has built significant relationships with many of our friends here in the community.

Breezey has a huge heart for our people, and has been adamant that she wants to be an asset to our community, not a burden. Therefore, she insists on only being paid what she is able to fundraise on her own. This has proven to be more challenging than she may have expected, and as a result she continues to work as a nanny to help support herself.

We would love to have Breezey around a little more often. Would you prayerfully consider your role in helping to make this happen? If so, Breezey would love to meet you. Find her contact info in the box on the right and read her story below! CONTACT BREEZEY! Breezey would love to hear from you. Please take the opportunity to hear a bit more from her, listen to her heart and allow her to share with you some prayer requests and support raising needs. We all hunger for this kind of encouragement, especially when starting something new.

For more information about these programs, more about Sanctuary London, to get involved or to donate, click HERE or contact: