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By Mike Toth

Chances are that as a Christian you’ve struggled with sharing your faith with friends and acquaintances, and if so, you would not be alone. Statistics show that less than 25% of Christians are actively involved in sharing their faith or inviting people to their church. The reticence to engage is quite understandable with an increasing hostility toward the faith, a muddled and confusing stance on evangelism in many churches, and the media, especially in the States, portraying the younger generation as fragile and spoiled.

While those first two points are quite true, the third is over stated if not outright false. The millennial generation may not automatically ascribe to Judeo-Christian ethic, but they are willing to engage with tough questions and evaluate the answers. The church’s difficulty is that the younger generations are less willing to respond to Christian jargon, if they know the jargon at all. Many want to engage intellectually before they engage spiritually. It is with this disconnect in mind that Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) established “Chances Are”.

Chances Are is a multimedia platform driven outreach geared toward non-believers. The ministry is on a 29-week blitz sponsoring one-minute radio spots on 180 secular radio stations across Canada. Those one-minute addresses introduce provoking topics that direct people to the website ( which contains three minute videos addressing those topics. The lead voice on this initiative is Abdu Murray, RZIM’s North American director.

Click on the “screen” below to watch the video.

Chances are: you’re part of grander story

Chances are: contentment has eluded you

Chances are: justices matters to you

“We get feedback and questions from our Facebook page and through emails at,” says Murray. “We are talking about doing live Google chat rooms with our speakers to engage more directly with those who are interested.”

While the style and format of the videos were specifically designed to attract the younger generation, the themes are universal enough to engage any people group. For instance, and particularly interesting to those in London, Ontario, the themes of suffering, justice, and peace are quite engaging to immigrants fleeing war torn areas.

“People ask about where God is in suffering,” says Murray. “The Christian faith says that suffering is not just a test, that there is meaning in suffering. We talk of peace. What is true peace? Is peace just an absence of conflict? The Christian faith says that true peace begins between God and man and then can spread between man and man.”

The videos can be used in a church setting as well. They can be used as a cornerstone for a “skeptic’s night” to engage non-believers in dialogue. Although you may not be comfortable standing in front of a group firing tough questions at you the way the members of the RZIM team often do, “chances are” they are willing to come to local churches to help with training or hosting a night to assist you in your evangelistic efforts.

“We are living in very exciting times,” says Murray. “We have an opportunity to be missionaries to the world with no passport required. We have an unprecedented opportunity to present the Gospel to people in a way we haven’t seen since the first century church. Although in some ways it has never been more challenging, our call is not to be safe but to be faithful.”

For more information about the ministry you can go to This page has links to their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages as well as the schedule of topics that will be covered. To contact the team or get further information about Ravi Zacharias International Ministries you can go to