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By Rick Vandekieft

I turned 65 this year. This was a big deal to some but not to me. That was until I found out that I was now eligible for 20% off whatever I buy at Shoppers Drug Mart but only on the last Thursday of the month! So turning 65 IS a big deal!

Just last week a friend of mine called me just shortly after 9:00 PM and when I answered he said, “I hope I didn’t wake you.” I hung up on him.

How is it that as soon as you hit 65 you are considered to be old? I hear people say 30 is the new 20. Based on that math 65 is the new 43. But wait! That would be unacceptable, as I won’t get my discount at Shoppers Drug Mart on the last Thursday of the month! I’ll stick with 65.

If I were 65 back 40 years ago, there would only be 1.2 million Canadians older than me. Today there over 5 million Canadians older than me and that really means there are way more people that will probably die before me. That’s OK; I’ll gladly wait my turn. (With these 5 million 66 and older certainly explains why Shoppers Drug Mart is so busy on the last Thursday each month.)

On July 1, last year, preliminary estimates show that, for the first time, there were more persons aged 65 years and older in Canada than children aged 0 to 14 years. Nearly one in six Canadians was at least 65 years old, compared with 1 in 8 children aged 0 to 14 years.

Based on this, I have a suggestion for McDonald’s. They should immediately convert those indoor kids playgrounds into nice geriatric oasis’s with flowers, a stream and soft elevator music playing.

They could still serve the Happy Meal. The contents would probably need to change. Maybe a piece of whole wheat bread, crusts cut off, no butter, some low sodium vegetables with a side of figs, creamed wheat, brown rice. Include a McTreat bag filled with vitamin D supplements, vitamin B12 supplements, calcium supplements and yippee, a couple of fish oil capsules. To wash it all down, a beverage made with a soy protein powder.

I suggested the idea to a friend. He had a few years on me and he didn’t like the idea at all. He said, “Forget health food. I'm at the age where I need all the preservatives I can get.” Good point.

In preparation for this series about seniors, I asked some of my friends about their thoughts on aging. Are there good aspects of aging? I was pleased to find out there are indeed many!

A 96 year old at church told me “The best thing about being 96 - no peer pressure”. She added, “My family worries about my failing memory but it’s actually not too bad. Now I can hide my own Easter eggs.”

While visiting a friend at Glendale Nursing Home, I asked one of the other residents about aging. He has quite a sense of humour. He told me that it is scary when you start making the same noises as your coffee maker. He laughed at his own joke and before wheeling away he said, “You can't stay young forever. But, you can be immature for your entire life.”

On the way out I saw the same character coming back toward saying, “Wait a minute wait a minute!” We waited, “Did you know that on the last Thursday of the month seniors get 20% off everything at Shopper?” I told him “yes we know that”.

He had another point about Seniors Day at Shoppers. “Last time they handed me a bag of stuff and told me it was a free gift. ‘I said thanks but aren’t all gifts free?’”

For the next six editions, we have reached out to a number of more serious individuals that will be providing information, advice and resources for the senior citizens of London.

Will one of the special editions feature Phil deBeaker, owner of one of the Shoppers Drug Marts? Stay tuned.


Ashwood Manor

79 David St. | London, ON, N6P1B4 | Phone: 519-652-9006 | Website: | Email:

Bentley Landscape Ltd.

474 Colborne St. | London, ON N6B 2T3 | Phone: 519-452-0334 | Website: | Email:

Creation Bookstore

900 Oxford St E (Bellwood Place), Unit #12 | London ON N5Y 5A1 | Phone: 519-659-2610 | Fax: 519-659-2615 | Website: | Email:

Donohue Funeral Home

362 Waterloo Street | London, ON N6B 2N6 | Phone: 519-434-2708 | Website: | Email:

Forest Lawn Funeral Home & Cemetery

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Hardick Chiropractic Centre

331 Queens Ave | London, ON N6B 1X2 | Phone: 519-673-1132 | Website: | Email:

Jackson Monuments and Stone Works

316B Neptune Crescent | London, ON N6M 1A1 | Phone: 519-451-3838 | Website: | Email:

Masonville Manor

350 North Centre Rd. | London, ON, N6G 5G3 | Phone: 519-663-0220 | Website: | Email:

McFarlane and Roberts Funeral Home

2240 Wharncliffe Rd. S. | London, ON, N6P 1L1 | Phone: 519-652-2020 | Website: | Email:


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Mount Pleasant Cemetery and Crematorium

303 Riverside Dr. | London, ON | Phone: 519-434-6504 | Website: | Email:

Oakland Cemetery

390 Oxford St. W | London, ON | Phone: 519-434-6504 | Website:

Precision Home Medical Equipment

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Right To Life Associations

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Soccer Express

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