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Chris Macdonald, with Samaritans Purse in London is certainly passionate about the work of Samaritans Purse, especially the Shoebox program.

“Shoeboxes from churches in London are an evangelistic tool in the hands of a pastor in the developing world, to love and share Christ,” says Macdonald. “In July, my 17 year old son and I travelled to Nicaragua. Our team was broken and humbled to meet impoverished children who love Jesus and carry the joy and beauty of Christ in their lives. These children love the Lord!! We were silenced. God was in that place, God was at work, God was completing a work of beauty that He’d began.  It was truly remarkable.”

The following letter is from missionaries from Forest, Ontario that are serving in Cambodia.

Hello Mom and Dad,

What is the reason for sending shoeboxes and how can they bring people to Jesus, was one of the questions that we have had. Yes, we understood that each child received a book (in their own language) about Jesus when they received the gift, but how significant could the impact of these boxes be?

After many years being on the sending side of the shoeboxes, last year we, Cambodia, were on the receiving side (and these are our thoughts on them). The week before they were handed out 4 big shipping boxes arrived and every child was encouraged to invite their friends to church the following Sunday for a big party. On Sunday the church was full - not full of adults, but filled with children from the local community (and some we recognized were from a large apartment building next to the church).

Following the worship time the children were dismissed and gathered in a large classroom where Chenda (one of the Sunday School teachers and student centre receptionist) handed out a book to every student, then told the salvation story to the children in their own language, as the children followed along (then took the book home and shared it with their family). After this it was time for the presents and we watched as each child received a box. This must have seemed like hours and hours (while the children waited patiently - at the same time shaking them and sneaking peeks inside their box), after everyone had received a shoebox, the children were allowed to open them up. Oh the joy and smiles that were on the children’s faces as they looked inside, then investigated the contents.

In the weeks after the boxes were handed out, the pastor and part of his ministry team followed-up with each child’s parents, explaining who sent the gifts and why; but also telling the story of Jesus. It really isn’t about the shoebox, nor the gifts (although those are important and often provide much needed essentials); instead it is about the connections and relationships – it is a way for Christians to open the lines of communications to people outside of the church, to tell them that there is a God who loves them - simply said the shoeboxes opened the doors.

So as you prepare and pack your shoeboxes, remember that although what you put in is very important, the most important part is the prayers that you pray over each box. So please pack and please pray.

Here is a picture was taken following the shoe boxes being opened as the children gathered together to say “Acoon churan” (Thank you very much

Mike and Cindy Schmidt

Many of our London churches are unaware of what God is doing with shoeboxes around the world.

We need more of our churches to know about a 12-week discipleship program that is offered to shoebox recipients, resulting in over 5 MILLION children having received Christ in the past 5 years! Hallelujah!

Many think a shoebox is a materialistic gift, unaware that the heavens are trumpeting a child professing faith in Christ every 25 seconds!  Praise God!  

It is my passion to share this good and praiseworthy news with London churches, to the glory of God!! He is doing a wondrous work and it’s worth celebrating!  

Be blessed.

Chris Macdonald Western Ontario Manager
Operation Christmas Child/ Samaritans Purse
London, ON

519-546-5809 or 1-800-663-6500 ext 8612