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By Rick Vandekieft is the Number 1 travel website in Singapore and their current top destination recommendation is Canada.

There is a lot a complaining going on right now about the depreciated value of the loonie and how this makes US travel and cross border shopping too expensive. It is the current reality and there is nothing you or I can do about it….or is there?

Sometimes it takes an outsider to remind ourselves of what greatness we have right in front of us. We have Canada

As Singapore's Streetdirectory puts it: Whether it's just the pure beauty of the Canadian wilderness that interests you or it's the pure adrenalin you seek from speeding down a river in a raft or the challenge of climbing Canada's highest mountain situated in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson, in British Columbia, Canada has something to offer all of us. * The only question is will you let the opportunity pass you by?

*Editor's Note: their words, not mine

More from the Streetdirectory article is included below and I urge you to read it. It includes many favourable attributes about Canada that we just take for granted. Reading it is an awesome reminder of how great Canada really is.

This summer you don't need a passport, or be concerned about the value of the loonie to have the best, most memorable vacation. Whether you explore your own backyard, or venture to another province, Canada has plenty of exciting, delicious and unique adventures waiting for you

Travel agents, tour companies, tourist bureaus and Google will provide you with an abundance of suggestions to satisfy any interests…..such as…museums, theatre, cottages, sporting events, amusement parks, camping, indoor and outdoor concerts, zoos, markets, music festivals, food festivals, flea markets, canoeing, wildlife parks, hiking, fireworks, shopping malls, spas, B&Bs, outlet stores, town yard sales, restaurants, fishing, skiing, zip lining, summer and winter tubing, parades, and more, hundreds more!

Plan and book soon as it won’t only be Canadian's vacationing in Canada!

More from Singapore’s

As a vacation destination Canada can really deliver. The way the world is with so many countries at war, the socially indifferent and politically free Canadians can be a very welcoming community. And Canada has so much to offer, what with all its history, places to visit, cultural activities and sport activities such as White water rafting. Then there's its spectacular countryside offering all kinds of activities for all.

So where could you visit during your vacation in Canada?

There are so many great places in Canada to visit, that you'd have to make a number of trips just to see the most interesting parts. Canada is the second biggest country in the entire world after all, from Alberta to Quebec to Ontario to British Columbia, there is plenty to see. Then add to that Manitoba, Vancouver Island, and Newfoundland (not actually a part of Canada, but very close by). Probable the first places on your list to visit should be the best known internationally tourist attractions; the incredible Niagara Falls, the equally grand Jasper National Park and the spectacular Banff National Park.

Ok, so what activities will you be able to participate in while in Canada?

Obviously hiking in such a grand environment would be spectacular, but if you're one of those people who need a little more action you definitely won't be disappointed. Some of the best locations for white water rafting can be found here and then there are other water sports such as kayaking and boating to consider. One of the best places to participate in these activities would be the longest river in Canada, the Mackenzie, which begins in the Northwest Territories and eventually ends at the Hudson Bay.

If water sport isn't for you, you could always visit some of the wilder regions where fishing and hunting activities bring in an abundance of pro and non pro sportsmen. And you could also go and see a hockey game at one of the most well known Canadian hockey Stadiums. Then there's the French Canadian cuisine, you just have to try some of the specialties like the gallettes, the maple syrup and galumpkies.

EDITOR;S NOTE: Sorry Newfoundland, you ARE part of Canada and we love you!

For those of you that don’t know, a gallette is a type of crepe and galumpkies are cabbage rolls.