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Would YOU take money you didn't need? Man walks round New York in a suit covered with cash, telling strangers to take what is 'needed' - with disheartening results.

One YouTube star's latest social experiment takes a disheartening look at how greedy people with comfortable lives can be - and juxtaposes that with the generosity of those who are really in need.

Coby Persin, 21, is known for shining a spotlight on human behavior on his YouTube channel. In his most recent experiment, he walks around New York City with a suit covered in money and a sign reading 'Take what you need' to see whether people will really only grab what's necessary.

Unfortunately, the response isn't what most people would hope it would be, with seemingly affluent men and women stopping to greedily take cash - while a homeless man insists he wants just $2 for lunch.

Coby begins walking around the streets surrounding Union Square in Manhattan wearing a suit covered in money. The young man has over $50 in $1 bills taped on the front and back of his jacket.

Most New Yorkers walk right by him, used to seeing strange sites and ignoring them. Many roll their eyes at the spectacle or avert their gaze altogether.

But soon, a large man in a black suit stops in front of Coby and puts down his briefcase. Without a word, he starts plucking dollar bills off Coby's suit, one by one.

'You really need this money? It doesn't look like you need this,' Coby tells him, to which the man - who grabs $10 to $11, callously replies: 'I don't need it, but it's free. Who wouldn't take it?'

Next, a runner jogs by before turning around and doubling back. 'Wait, is it really free?' he asks, to which Coby says yes - 'if you need it.' The runner takes $7 and goes on his way.

Another man admits to a friend on the phone that he doesn't 'even need it' as he takes cash and walks on.

The first woman who stops is also in a suit - and she's carrying a brown bag with Louis Vuitton's monogram print. 'You have a Louis Vuitton bag. You really need this?' Coby asks her as she wordlessly takes bills of his jacket.

'Yeah, I have a nail appointment tomorrow,' she answers unashamedly as she takes walks away with a handful of bills.

Self-indulgent: This woman coldly proclaimed that she 'needed' the money because she had an appointment to get her nails done

Another young woman stop later, and she, too, has a designer bag 'Is that real Givenchy bag?' Coby asks her as she picks bills off of him. She confirms that it is, clearly unembarrassed by her greed. Her friend standing nearby, however, seems mortified, asking her with an accent: 'Are you joking me?'

Finally, Coby walks by a man who appears to be homeless. He is sitting next to a pile of clothes and garbage with a large dog.

'How're you doing man?' he asks Coby, getting up and walking over. He is the first person to actually greet the YouTuber.

After exchanging pleasantries, Coby tells the man that he can take whatever he needs - but the man grabs just $2 and says that that will be enough.

'Is that all you need?' Coby asks him, to which he replies: 'Yeah, that's it. I just need $2. I'm just trying to get some food. Just give whatever you gotta give to other people. '

Coby asks him if he is sure sure he doesn't want to take a few more bucks so he can also eat the next day, but the man says that it isn't necessary, bidding Coby to just give the remainder of the cash to other people.

Touched, Coby tells the man that he's an amazing guy and he wants to make sure that he eats - not just today, but for a while. Though the homeless man protests, Coby insists on giving him $60 so he will be fed for a few days to come.

On that though-provoking note, the video ends, cutting to a few words of wisdom from the 21-year-old YouTube star: 'You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.'