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Should we stay or should we go? That IS the Question.
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Must Read Tips for Upgrading Your Living Space - The First in a Three Part Series

Upgrading Your Outdoor Living Space - III

Refinishing or replacing floors?

Why not get some expert advise from Bob Crawford. Crawford Hardwood Flooring. With 29 years experience, he does have all the answers.

Call 519.671.2058 or click HERE to visit their website.

Rejuvenating your deck?

During the summer months, people will spend a lot of time on their decks. Decks are one of the hardest surfaces to keep a coating from peeling or wearing prematurely.

Click HERE for tips to keeping your deck looking good for as long as possible.
Using Paint to Help You Sell Your Home Living Colour

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most economical ways to spruce up your house when you are listing

Click HERE for more tips.
Want to add Character and Warmth of a Firewood or Gas Stove?

Click HERE for the important considerations before making the purchase.
I just want to Move!

Moving can be quite stressful. It is one of those things in life we all hate, like taxes. Picking a good mover is your top priority.

Click HERE on picking the right mover
A very common conversation at the dinner table: “Should we renovate or should we move?”

Sometimes the answer is; “Both”

If you decide to stay, what renovations would you want to do and are those wants in line with what you have to spend?

If you decide to move will you need to...
Spend money to make your current home worth more and make it more appealing to potential buyers?


Spend money on renovations on the house you are buying.

We asked the experts for advice that we could pass on to you as you ponder the stay or go options.

First, these general considerations:
Will your current home fit your changing lifestyle?

"A new job, a growing family, an empty nest - these are a few of the most common triggers for moving,” says Sheila Johnson, a TD Canada Trust Mobile Mortgage Specialist based in Toronto. “And financial priorities are most often changing right in step with household needs, so it makes sense to look at your whole picture with respect to housing and financing costs," she says.

Could renovation be the answer?
If lack of space is your biggest concern, options may include finishing the basement or attic, adding an extension or reconfiguring a floor plan to suit your needs. Or, if it’s a change of scene you’re looking for, think about whether an updated décor, new appliances or finishes would be enough to help you fall in love with your dwelling all over again. “The equity you’ve already built in your home may be able to help secure financing for the renovations you want,” says Johnson.

Would it be more cost-effective to renovate or move?
It could be cheaper to buy your dream home ready-made rather than create it, depending on the features you’re looking for. Visiting open houses that meet your wish list, and then comparing those prices with what you’d have to spend to get similar results in your existing home, may prove helpful.

What's the market like in London?
The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation's Housing Market Outlook provides a comprehensive analysis of what London can expect from its Real Estate market in the year to come. More? Click HERE.

The resale market will benefit from steady employment, job growth, and low interest rates. More first time Buyers will drive the market, many of whom are part of the echo boomer cohort. This demographic will propel sales under $250K, especially in areas of East London, and in St. Thomas.

A 1.5% appreciation in value is expected in the first half of 2015, with slowed growth as the year progresses. This will spur sellers to respond earlier in the year and will lead to greater inventory.

The resale home market is expected to slow in the later half of 2015 due to increased mortgage rates and slowed demand.

When considering whether or not to put a home up for sale, a market analysis may be a good early step to take. The biggest factor in your home’s sale could be the market conditions in your neighbourhood - even on your particular street — compared with other homes. Your professional real estate agent should be able to help you with these comparisons.

How attached are you to your neighbourhood and your neighbours?
Moving away from a community can be a big change for family members. How much do you each rely on your neighbours and local schools, churches and shopping?

Are you willing to take on a new mortgage?
Stepping up the property ladder can be a way to build more equity for the future, while downsizing can help you work toward becoming mortgage-free sooner. "Mortgage options aren't 'one-size-fits-all' today," says Johnson. "While homeowners might be focused on the property search, we try to look for financing ideas geared to individual goals and circumstances."

What are the top renos you should do if you're planning to sell your place? And what are the top renos if you're planning to stay?

If you're selling
Fix the obvious

Research suggests that most buyers make up their minds within the first two minutes of entering a home, so it makes sense to concentrate on the things that will first catch their eye. In general that means the entrance, kitchen and main-floor bath.

It also means repairing anything that is obviously broken or damaged.

"It's very important that they see the brightness and the light," says John Geha, president of Coldwell Banker Canada.

"You're going to paint because you're going to clean it up and make it neutral. Get rid of the scrapes and scratches. Just make sure that when I walk in, I get that 'wow' effect. I want to feel like I'm walking into my castle."

And consider hiring a contractor rather than doing it yourself.

"Let's face it. Most people aren't that good at doing it themselves," Dupuis says. "When you're fixing to sell, if it's a poorly done job, that will detract from the value of the house."

He advises looking for a contractor who is a member of RenoMark (, a national organization of professional renovators and custom homebuilders who have to abide by both an industry Code of Ethics as well as a renovation-specific Code of Conduct.

Depersonalize You want buyers to see themselves in your home, so this is not the time to show off your kooky personal style.

"You want to make it neutral if you're putting the house up for sale because the new owners are going to put their own personality in," Geha says. "What you want to see is brightness, cleanliness and space."

"Most people when they're buying a house have to look past the decor and most people are not good at that. Not everyone can visualize," says Dupuis."

That means you'll have to clean up, put away the family photos and paint.

That's what Geer concentrated on when she and her husband sold their home.

"We were lucky because our house was only three years old," she says.

"We staged it by depersonalizing it. We did some landscaping around the entrance. We did a little painting, we cleaned up and we decluttered."

Consider the kitchen If there is one room it's worthwhile spending money to renovate when you plan to sell, it's the kitchen.

"How much time do we spend in our kitchen? We spend a lot of time in our kitchen," says Geha. "And with the price of gas, we're going to be spending more time at home."

Buyers are seduced by great appliances, good work flow, quality cabinetry, generous counter space and practical details.

"It's not so much superficial as it is practicality and functionality," Geha says.

If you're staying

Consider the kitchen "Spend most of your money where you spend most of your time," Dupuis recommends. For most of us, that means the kitchen.

A well-designed, functional kitchen is not only a pleasure for the cook, but it adds long-term value to your home. That's why real estate agents recommend tackling the kitchen and bathrooms first when you move into your new place.

But it's essential to do the job right, starting with a proper plan. And don't be tempted to cut corners because you'll likely end up doing it all again later.

Plan for the future If you're planning to stay in your home long-term, think about what your needs will be in 10 years' time.

For instance, with baby boomers entering their senior years, mobility will become an issue for many people. Consider making your home more accessible, with wheelchair ramps, raised countertops, walk-in tubs and other redesigns.

Also, look at the energy efficiency of your home and consider upgrading your windows and heating systems.

"Anything that can make the home more efficient and environmentally friendly is a good investment," Geha says.

Get advice There are so many choices out there, it's hard to decide what's right for you and your home.

"That's why it's so important to consult with the people that know, so you can make a good decisions, and you don't just renovate to renovate," Geha says.

But one thing is certain: It's always worth the time and money it takes to do a job properly, not just to help you sell your home, but to enjoy it while you're living in it.

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