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Meet Jin Choi, a London resident with a Ph.D. in the area of financial mathematics. He worked for a hedge fund for 2 years and is the sole founder of MoneyGeek.

He had the idea to start MoneyGeek towards the end of his time at the hedge fund. He increasingly felt unfulfilled at his job, as he saw that his hard work only served to make the company's already rich clients richer.

Jin has been featured in The Globe And Mail and MoneySense Magazine.

Early in Jin's life, he chose to follow Christ. In Jin's own words, "That means I've committed myself to pursue what pleases him. In Matthew 25:40, Jesus said, 'whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me'. I didn't feel that I was serving the 'least of these'".

During that time many of his friends came to ask him for advice on how to manage their own money. Jin said, "I didn't know of a single resource I felt comfortable pointing them to. I felt that helping people like my friends through MoneyGeek would come closer to heeding Jesus' call".

Think back to the day when you struck out on your own for the first time. Perhaps you got a job in a different city, or perhaps you went to university. Regardless of the reasons, let me ask you:

How did you feed yourself?

You could have eaten out all the time, but you probably didn't. Not only would that have been expensive, but it would have been unhealthy as well.

You could have just bought some random grocery items and thrown them together, but you probably didn't do this either. Even in your young age, you probably wanted your meal to be at least somewhat tasty.

No, when you struck out on your own, the chances are, you would have relied on a cookbook. With a cookbook, you would have produced meals that are both tasty and healthy, without spending a ton of money, and without having to understand culinary theory.

When it comes to managing your investments, you have a very similar set of options.

Many people today rely on financial advisors to manage their investments. However, like eating out at restaurants, this option can be costly. Fee only financial advisors typically charge over $100 an hour for advice, while those who don't charge flat fees typically charge just as much if not more, through fees embedded in the financial products they sell.

Many others create their own investment portfolios through a random mix of stocks and bonds. Unfortunately, studies have shown that the great majority of such people have done poorly with such investments.

A growing number of people have elected to invest their money using a third option, and that's by using MoneyGeek. Using MoneyGeek is like using a cookbook - we lay out each step you need to take in clear terms. MoneyGeek also provides free educational resources on investing, including a free book.

However, not all cookbooks are the same. Some lead to tastier and healthier meals than others. In the same way, the quality of your financial guide matters, but much more so. The difference of investing well and investing poorly can mean the difference of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, even for the average Canadian.

At the end of the day, how you manage your investments is up to you. But if you, prefer to use a cookbook, then check out MoneyGeek at