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It's one of the most exciting times of life: attending college or university. So much to do; so much to learn; so much to experience.

The post-secondary years are full of discovery and exploration. Young adults have left the nest of home and have spread their independent wings, hoping to find purpose, fulfillment and meaning among their peers. The search for significance begins in earnest and the world is before them.

Some have clear goals. They know where they are going, have adopted a disciplined schedule, and shield themselves from anything that might push them off the end goal. They have complete clarity of thought, and know where God is leading them. They are the leaders among their friends, fill any free time with only those activities that will help them achieve their goals and built solid networks.

But for many, purpose and meaning is still out there: who am I? Where am I heading? And who will be there with me?? And for those churched young adults who have left the secondary school for college/university, the questions of life are no less fact, they could be even more difficult: Will I follow the God of my parents? How does faith fit into the activities of Monday-Saturday? What about diversity and multiculturalism, and, " Jesus really the only way to God?"

Combine these issues with the availability of alcohol, the acceptance of 'pot', the appeal of online gambling, and the treatment of sex outside of marriage as pure recreation---is it any wonder that the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada termed their November 2012 young adult survey “The Hemorrhaging of Faith" reporting the realities of Canadian churched young adults and their exodus from the local church. Across the continent, some 59-80% of graduating high school students who have grown up in the local church are darting…not just leaving, but 'darting' from the faith.

That explains precisely why The Rock on Campus Canada exists. This ministry is no longer new to London. Since the fall of 1995, Rev. Francois Kruger has been the lead chaplain at Fanshawe College and with his 20 year of experience with youth and young adults he continues to see how important it is to have consistent pastoral care and leadership on campus. This is particularly true on the campuses of secular colleges and universities. Students are full of questions, trying to work through their doubts, wrestling with how the Scriptures fit into their daily routines, discovering how to share their faith with other students and share their lives in the local and broader community.

"The local church can no longer claim to have the voice that the world is paying attention to. The changing face of our society and the marginalizing of the biblical is worsened by churches have difficulty accessing the campuses across our country. It’s why missionary chaplains who are trained to provide professional pastoral care are so critical for the church to support."

As a chaplain ministry to students who creates weekly activities for students to participate, The Rock on Campus Fanshawe has found hundreds of students looking for a place to call home. Students come from London, the province and from all around the world---but they all have one thing in common: a need for faith to make sense. TROC encounters these students right where they are; TROC engages students in conversations about faith and life; TROC points students to Jesus Christ and back to the local church where they can nurture their faith.

If you want to learn how you can support The Rock on Campus, check out their contact information at You can also purchase a ticket to their March 21st Fundraiser, "Have a heart for students" happening at North Park Community Church.

Francois Kruger is an ordained pastor and is presently the Executive Director for The Rock on Campus Canada. He works closely with chaplains appointed at Fanshawe, Lambton and St Clair college campuses.