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By Sheryl Scott

Seems like every time I turn my television on lately, there’s a story about some scandal going on. Could be here in London, could be a few cities east of us. Could be the name of a new hit show. For awhile there, the word SCANDAL was heard in every newscast and read in every headline.

A scandal is something that is so outrageous that it's almost unbelievable. When people hear of a scandal, they say, "Can you believe it?" or "That's crazy!" And they tell two people…and they tell two people...and so on and so on.

We love to hear of a scandal, but don’t want to be a part of one. It can change your reputation. Damage your character. Ruin your life.

But I'm here to tell you that we are ALL part of a scandal. A scandal so utterly's almost unbelievable! This scandal has the potential to change our reputation. Improve our character. Save our life.

We are smack-dab in the middle of a scandal of GRACE. The reason why it's a scandal is in that while we were still sinners…Christ died for us.

He didn't wait until we had it all together. Until we were perfect. Until we could stand before Him spotless, blameless and clean. He didn't wait until we were in perfect control of our lives, until we didn't get angry, jealous or prideful. He didn't wait until we never lost our temper or stopped being lazy or were completely honest all the time.

NO! He died for us in spite of all these things! He saw us standing there in our filth and shame. Our sin and grime. Our unworthiness and guilt. He saw us and said...I LOVE YOU! SO MUCH! What a scandal! What an utterly outrageous, almost unbelievable thing!

So when we hear that and know that. What is our response to it? Do we keep leading a regular ho-hum life? Or does it wake something deep within…something we'd forgotten? Something that makes us want to stand up and yell: Did you hear this?! Can you believe it?!

Isn't it the most amazing scandal to be a part of? To share with people around you who don't even know they are a part of a scandal? Isn't it worthy of our very best life? Our very best in everything...marriage, friendship, parenting, work, school... that while we were still sinners...Christ died for us!