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Water, Lemons and Sugar
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By Sheryl Scott

Hi God. Yeah, I'm back. Looks like You knew I was comin. You always do.

Why wouldn't you though? Lately, I've been here alot. Like everyday. I guess I'm what you call a " regular ".

I'm so thirsty. It doesn't seem to matter how much I drink. I'm still thirsty. I can't quench my thirst.

Yes, I know it's only water…but I just can't seem to get enough.

Did you see her? She was so awesome! I just knew she was gonna score tonite. The way she was comin up that field. Kick and run! Kick and run! We've been practicing that. She was so excited! So cool!

I turned to high five her mom…but her mom was high-fiving someone else.

I need more water. Yuck, this tastes bitter today.

When she told me she wanted some time apart... I was okay with that. Yeah, thought maybe that would help her, you know, sort things out.

When she told me she wanted to move out for awhile... I didn't like it, but I let her go. You know, if you love something, let it go. Yeah, right.

I'm so thirsty! Man! Hang on a second…let me get some more water.

Then... she told me she was seeing other people...and that, I was not okay with.

So, instead of me going out for an ice-cream with my daughter, "he" is. Instead of me celebrating her first score, "he" is.

Because it's my "wife's", weekend to take Carly and he's there too.

Did you hear that God? My wife. Not Ex-wife. Wife! As in legally bound to me... me!!
Water! I need water!

You know, I keep going over and over things. Trying to empty out all the pockets. Hoping to find what I did wrong. If there was anything I could've done differently, better. Like a twenty dollar bill I didn't know was there.

This water is so bitter. Even these lemon slices are not helping. I need some sugar or somthing.

My friends are telling me to move on. To forget her. To find someone myself.

It's gotten to the point I don't even want to be around them anymore. It's like they're all laughing and scoffing behind my back. Where's your God now John? Doesn't He see You? Maybe He's asleep. Their words taunt me. Pierce me.

What answer do I have for them? What response? What can I say? That half the time I think You are alseep? That You’ve left me? That I doubt You even care?

I sit here on a steady diet of tears. Thirsty. Panting. Discouraged. So sad. It's like my soul's singing the blues.

I rehearse everything I know about You. How You're good. How You're unfailing. How You're trustworthy. You're grace. You're love. I keep rehearsing it over and over like an actor studying lines.

Knowing, somewhere deep down, it's real. It's gotta be.

I " hope " and hope is all I can do right now.

I'll just keep drinking You in God, waiting, hoping.

Hey, look at that! I got a Sweetener in my pocket! Huh...water...lemons...sugar...
Lemonade! Thank You God.