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By Justin Dimoff

I am Justin Dimoff, the Streetlight Director at Youth for Christ (YFC) here in the city of London. YFC has been serving the at-risk youth of London through the Streetlight program for the past 15 years and I am honored to be a part of that heritage. Each week Streetlight is downtown to create a space for those who need food, warmth, safety and support.

Although it has been an extremely cold and unpredictable winter, the numbers at Streetlight have remained constant and I am encouraged by the community that is being built each night. It also helps that the Streetlight RV has an excellent heating system on board! Winter always brings a smaller crowd, which allows us to give more of our time and attention to the core group of youth that come regardless of the weather. My team of volunteers (growing as we speak) has really grabbed a hold of the relational opportunities they have been entrusted with. I am seeing God use them to speak hope into these kids' lives and to be available to those who need someone to talk to.

Available! I highlight this word because it has and continues to be the source of success at Streetlight and in the downtown core. Many times during the week I find myself sitting in the public library just waiting for an opportunity. Usually within 5 minutes of sitting down, God brings someone. An unbelieving world would say it's just coincidence, but I have made too many incredible connections with youth over a coffee or had many opportunities to bless someone just by waiting and being ready!

Sometimes unfortunate events have to happen to make you realize the goodness of God and his ability to provide for you. I realized this in such a huge way when our RV was broken into this past summer. The window being smashed, locks drilled out, interior trashed, and everything of value removed seemed to be a crushing blow to the ministry. I couldn't have been more wrong!

For three weeks we were without the RV- using tents and setting up tables outside. The truth is we saw and were able to connect with more kids without all the bells and whistles. The youth came for us. They came for the connection with people who care about them. They were drawn to God through the love we were committed to showing them. They communicated to us, that with or without the RV, they wanted us to be in their lives.

God’s truth is that Streetlight is so much more than a mobile youth center. Streetlight is a movement of God seeking to restore the balance of social, emotional, and physical poverty in our community. Streetlight exists to fulfill the great commission of sharing God's love and the hope we have found through Jesus Christ. And that commission has always been less about what and how and more about who! We are Streetlight and no one can steal that away from the youth of London!

Moving forward into 2014, we are hoping to run a Street Alpha program (last year was the trial run) and we are excited to support one of our youth as they affirm their commitment to Christ through baptism. As the weather improves we will be downtown more and my hope is to have the RV open and available for a third night of the week.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Streetlight Program and want to support us with your time, talents or resources, feel free to email me at or call me at 226-927-4246.