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From the Right Two Life August Newsletter

Last year, during 40 Days for Life, a baby was saved by the power of God answering prayer...

A young woman, as per her daily routine, drove past our prayer corner at Wellington and Commissioners on her way to work. She was pregnant and was seriously considering having an abortion. However, every time she passed the corner she would hear the words "Don't kill" deep inside...which she tried so hard to ignore! Eventually she decided to take a different route even though she was going out of her way to avoid the 40 Days for Life corner.

Finally, when she couldn't stand it any longer, she parked her car, walked across Wellington and told her story to the first 40 Days for Life prayer vigiler she saw. She told him to continue what he and the others were doing and thanked him!

She firmly believed those nagging words "Don't kill were words from God. Words that changed her mind from abortion to Life.

The power of prayer at that corner during 40 Days for Life is strong and constant and it was through the mercy of God that this young woman chose life for her little one. The peace you will find there is real and the presence of the Almighty is real.

Put aside any fear about standing in public where there is love there is no fear. Join the 40 Days for Life this fall. You will never regret it. Who knows, you may be standing there when someone comes to tell you their story...Praise be to God!

God bless you and hope that you can join us in prayer to promote and defend LIFE from natural conception until natural death.

Now please watch the new video from former Kansas lead singer, John Elefante entitled “This Time”. The video relates the story of a young woman who is contemplating an abortion. While waiting for her abortion in the clinic, she has a beautiful dream about a little girl.

This dream is so real that she leaves the clinic...please watch to see how the story unfolds...