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By Mary Haskett

What were a group of young people, doing in the tiny community of Orkney last week? And what was the Reverend Rosalita Sorzano doing there?

Primarily a night out for the youth of London First Church of the Nazarene, adult members of the congregation tagged along on the hour long drive out of the city to enjoy a barbeque in the tiny community. Here the youth group was reunited with their former youth pastor, Carolyn Gillian. God had called Pastor Carolyn to be associate pastor in Orkney. But, in spite of the move, the bond of love remained between the two pastors and the youth. It was evident as "hellos' and hugs all round cemented the evening.

After appetites were satisfied Pastor Rose, a lady with boundless energy, engaged the believers aged from eight to eighty in a sing-song of praise choruses. Not only did she lead the singing, but the group marched around a crackling bonfire as they sang with handclapping and stomping of feet. Some raised their hands in praise to God. Later, Angela, a Jamaican lady, with the joy of the Lord etched on her face led in a song with a definite Caribbean flavour. When it was time to return home, Pastor Carolyn prayed for the youth and 13 year old Azale prayed for her former youth pastor. Then with hugs all round the group headed back to London.

Christian unity and love is something Pastor Rose is passionate about and it is this type of love that she demonstrates in her daily life, that constant striving towards the mark of the high calling, and that last commandment of Christ’ that we love one and other as He has loved us. Paramount in all her activities is a sharing of God’s love, not only within her church but beyond, and a strong desire that all should know Jesus as Lord. Pastor Rose uses her extraordinary talents to forge a positive focus for all who come under the pastorate of London First. Her bio on the website of Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener, where she teaches Christian Education one day a week during the winter semester reads as follows:

"Rosalita is Associate Pastor and Minister of Discipleship and Leadership at London First Church of the Nazarene working alongside her husband, Rev. Junior Sorzano."

Her own accomplishments in the educational field are many with a Christian Education Diploma a Bachelor of Theology, a Master of Arts and a Master of Divinity.

The two disciplines 'Discipleship' and 'Leadership' have caused her to engage the young adults at London First to intern in children’s and youth ministry. Many of them students at the University of Western Ontario, Fanshawe or a Bible College stay grounded and involved as they traverse the waters of higher education.

This past summer and every summer before Pastor Rose has organized the Daily Vocational Bible School with fifty to seventy children in attendance. She has incorporated geography and history lessons into the activities where the children have learned about the less fortunate in other countries. One summer the children learned about children in faraway lands walking miles to get a bucket of water. Not only did they learn, but they filled buckets with water and carried them in the hot sun, so getting a feel for the less fortunate. The DVBS ended with the children collecting donations to send to their peers in those faraway lands. She heads up the Christian Education Committee where ideas are discussed and decisions made for each season. The focus is always on spiritual growth, discipleship and effective witnessing. With this in mind a variety of programs are offered to the congregants of London First. Each one is geared to include non-believers. An example is Together Growing in Faith. (TGIF). On alternate Friday nights Pastor Rose is in the kitchen with a helper preparing a salad or perhaps a hot dish towards the dinner that folks will share. Church members arrive bringing a variety of dishes and sometimes friends and neighbours. It is in this setting newcomers feel comfortable and accepted as acquaintances are made around the supper table. After the meal people go into a small study group of their choosing. Perhaps the men's group, the women's group, or mixed group. Whatever the choice, people leave with an increased knowledge of God and a love for their brothers and sisters. Also structured programs are offered for the children where the young interns take charge. On a Sunday morning this multitalented lady alternates with others to lead worship and on occasions sing solo in her beautiful rich voice. Currently she is teaching a special course Sunday nights entitled, 'Let the Church be the Church.' The goal is to help believers see how they can impact the world as God intended.

At the William Mercer Building on Commissioner's Road, every second and fourth Tuesday of the month Pastor Rose leads a Bible study with the assistance of Al & Dianne Squires. She and her husband also host a Bible study in their home twice a month.

The sick are not forgotten in the Church of the Nazarene, either Pastor Rose or her husband visit in homes and hospital to all members who are unable to get to church. And sometimes to non members whose families request a visit from the pastors.

When asked what she felt was the purpose of her life, she responded, "My life's purpose, is with God's help, to be/remain a passionate disciple and servant of Jesus."

She went on to say that her desire for her church is to see people of all ages know Christ and make Him known, and to be Christ-like Spirit-filled disciples serving the Church and the World. She added, "I am particularly interested in teaching and seeing the spiritual formation of children and youth."

In observing Pastor Rose it is clear she is indeed propelled by love, the love of Christ.