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New Life Girls' Home offers a residential Christian program for older teens and young women aged 18-30 years old, who have life controlling problems such as drug /alcohol addiction, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, self-abuse including cutting, and other compulsive behaviours.

Focusing on loving, Christ-centered nurturing, students in the program are offered intensive Christian education, one-on-one Biblical discipleship, life-skills training, and ministry opportunities. New Life Girls' Home is a Christian ministry and is registered as a non-profit charity. . New Life Girls' Home does not receive any government funding and rely totally on individuals, groups and churches for support. Charmaine Kofler is the Executive Director of New Life Girl’s Home which is located on a beautiful property on Lake Ontario about 20 km from Trenton.

In the July edition of Christian Life in London there will be a feature interview with Charmaine though first, we want to introduce you to the New Life Girl’s Home Ministry.

The History — How New Life Girl's Home came to be

In 1975 Larry Snider opened a Christian counselling centre in Beamsville, Ontario for youth in trouble. Today hundreds of young people can testify as to how God used Larry Snider to bring them to Christ. But God did not stop there.

Through the years Larry was faced with people of all ages and circumstances, who were suffering with every kind of abuse that sin can bring. God poured out His deliverance in their lives as Larry ministered to them of the reality of the practical Christ.

In 1978 he was ordained as a Pastor and in 1982 led the Turning Point Ministries (Niagara), Inc. Board to open the Turning Point Girls' Home (Canada) which was similar to the Teen Challenge program for men in the USA and Canada. God continued to stretch and grow Larry, so the next chapter began and Pastor Larry received a vision from God that he needed to “start a ministry for young women who have been abused and are struggling with drug addictions and other life-controlling issues.” God did not only give Larry a vision but He gave him some guidelines as well.

Firstly it was revealed to him that it would be a large white house on the water. Secondly, God wanted this ministry to involve people who "loved God and had a heart for young women from all walks of life, to come together under Him, to teach these women about our Father's love and healing."

No government funding — it was to be a total faith ministry — to the Glory of God. It was to be established in the area where Pastor Larry’s roots were. (Prince Edward County).

So here we are 25 Years later and this ministry is still operating to the Glory of God and his faithfulness to all of those who have over the years sown into it. Pastor Larry has since felt released to into it. Pastor Larry has since felt released to start his own church in Picton.

Criteria for Acceptance into the New Life Girl's Home Program

The program offers the student a chance to deal with her root problems in a loving environment that incorporates Christian education, Christian counseling, worship, support groups and service opportunities in a home setting.

To be accepted into the program, the student must have a life controlling problem, be willing to change and agree to follow the program as outlined in the Student Program Introduction. She must be willing and able to participate in all activities.

If the student is eligible for the program, a 2-week trial visit is required. This will help both the Home and the student decide if the program is suitable at this time.

After the trial period and the passing of the first full month, the program begins.

Program Schedule

The program is comprised of two phases

First Phase: Looking Up

Stage 1:
The focus during this stage is for the student to recognize behaviours, to understand their coping mechanisms, and to begin to develop strategies and tools to help them overcome their issues. This stage lasts for a minimum of 4 months. In many cases, the student is matched with Spiritual parents in the community at the end of this phase to assist them in understanding Godly authority.

Stage 2:
During Stage 2, students focus on maintaining the tools they've learned during the first 4 months as they expand their involvement in Home activities, including the Outreach and Ministry Team. This stage typically lasts for 3 months as the student takes ownership of their healing.

Second Phase: Reaching Out

Stage 3:
The student starts to apply what they've learned and to use their gifts and interests as service to the Home. They may be involved with Ministry Team, and other areas of service at New Life Girls' Home. The student has increasing responsibility and freedom during this phase, but still participates fully in the school schedule and in encouraging newer students.

Stage 4:
This is the re-entry phase of the program. The focus during this final 3-month period is the student's re-introduction back into the community. Students volunteer in the community and get involved in a church of their choice. The counseling relationship generally transitions to more of a mentoring relationship during this stage, where the counselor comes alongside the student to encourage and assist the student in decision-making.

A New Life Girls' Home Success - Rachel Graduates

Recent grad Rachel, describes herself before entering New Life Girls' Home …"My life was unmanageable. I was struggling with an alcohol problem and had enough."

She entered the program in January, 2012. When Rachel arrived, she was surprised to go from doing whatever she felt like, to living in a structured and disciplined environment. She came to discover the staff was amazing and showed her unconditional love as well as tough love when needed.

In dealing with her issues, the primary lesson Rachel learned was that her "strength and joy comes from the Lord." With God working in her life, she became a positive influence for the other girls in the program.

As for her future, Rachel has returned to her career as a hair stylist but looks to perhaps returning to school to become an addictions counsellor. She is also looking forward to her upcoming wedding in June of this year.

Your help is appreciated

Operating expenses for New Life Girls' Home are $30,000 per month. This covers upkeep of the home, daily needs of the students and staff salaries. Because this is a round-the-clock facility, New Life Girls' Home must have at least 2 staff on site at all times.

To: Potential Supporters.

From: The Staff and Students at New Life Girls' Home

When we go to the mail it is always a joy to get letters from supporters and the needed income. However, we never know from week to week what will arrive in the mail. That can make it difficult to budget wisely. We want to use the money given to us with integrity and wisdom.

We would like you to consider becoming a monthly supporter of NLGH. The amount is up to you. Our supporters give varying amounts depending on their ability.

For those of you not able to become a monthly supporter right now please continue to pray for our finances.

New Life Girls Home (Canada)
P.O. Box 149, Consecon, On K0K 1T0
613-394-3341 fax 613-394-0940 email: