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By Elaine Arnsby - The President of London Area Right to Life Association

With Introduction by Stephanie Gray -Co-founder and the executive director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

"My earliest memory of Phil Arnsby is of his determination to get the pro-life message out to as many young people as possible. In 2006, he arranged a speaking tour for me in the London area, and he packed it so that I spoke to thousands of people over just a few days. Lives were forever changed, as students told us they became pro-life. It all started with Phil. And it happened because of Phil. My subsequent encounters with this pro-life hero, and his heroine wife Elaine, were marked by joy, great conversation and fellowship, as well as spiritual encouragement." - Stephanie Gray

Philip Vincent Arnsby
1936 - 2013

Sadly, at age 77 on April 17, 2013 surrounded by his family, Phil passed away after complications from a heart attack suffered while playing tennis.

A tribute to a husband - Elaine Arnsby

I am so grateful for the many prayers and good wishes of you, my family and friends. It is my greatest comfort that Phil knew the Lord and that he is with Him now. He was eager to learn more about his faith and read books with that end in mind. He developed the habit of getting up early to pray for an hour before his day began and it showed in his outlook on life. He was caring and unwavering. There was no question where Phil stood on an issue, especially pro-life issues.

Here is an example of Phil's dedication. Back in 2011, Phil wasn't able to attend the '40 Days for Life Wrap-up' conference we had that year because of his surgery for a hip replacement. He had worked so hard on the 40 Days! So, he was determined to at least be with the 40 Days' vigilers for the Balloon Lift- Off at the end of the day. Even though he had gotten out of the hospital just the day before, Phil managed to get across Commissioners and then Wellington - one painful, slow step at a time with the help of his walker - and with the crowds cheering him on!! We all need that kind of determination in today's uphill battle for respect for life.

Phil had a laugh that would work its way up from his tummy so you could really call it a belly laugh. What came out was quiet, but infectious laughter. But on about our 3rd date, Phil got very serious - he felt he had to divulge the fact that he was 14 years my senior. We had so much in common I wasn't at all concerned but he was an honourable man to tell me right away because, after all, he looked 10 years younger than he was!

Besides, what middle aged woman wouldn't love being called young lady now and again as Phil playfully did with me!

At the beginning of our marriage, Phil told me he would be happy if the Lord gave us 10 good years together. I am so grateful for the almost 16 years the Good Lord has given us.

Phil's love of dancing subsided somewhat over the years but he would break out every so often at a Church dance or on a Show the Truth Tour much to the delight of the younger people there. Although he could be so transparently sincere on pro-life issues, Phil didn’t take himself too seriously - so he was able to bridge the gap between himself and young people.

Phil dedicated at least the last 20 years of his life to praying for an end to abortion and actively promoting Life. He was President of LARTLA for 9 years and participated in Show the Truth Tours for the last 15 years - he gave his all for the little ones. And as our friend Stephanie Gray put it recently, "As Phil faces his judgment, I envision a chorus of aborted children who now have voices and who say to their maker, "This man, Phil, he fought for us. He tried to stop the man who killed us. He loved the least of his brothers." And through the blood of Jesus opening the gates of Heaven to Phil, our Lord and Saviour will say, "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your master."

Now he can rest at last... For the rest of us, Phil's inspiration will be sorely missed.