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By Sheryl Scott

The alarm blares early morning Rock 'n Roll into my foggy dream. I blink, wearily. It's too early for Queen….my brain moans. I’ve got to remember to switch that to another station…maybe one that plays 'easy listening.' My thoughts tempt me to hit snooze. But I know there are too many things to do today. I needed this early start to get them all in.

Lunches. Showers. Drives to school. My sister's kids need a ride this morning. Thank goodness she reminded me.

I open the curtains. I only like them closed at night. Let in natural light. It's raining. Great! The dog will track mud through the house. No one remembers to wipe off his paws.

Sigh. I haven't even eaten breakfast and already, I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Wake up kids. Pour cereal. Clean dishes. Sweep floors. Does the dog really shed that much in one day? Get dressed. Assemble my hair to look less like a bird's nest. Do I even have any matching socks? Oh well. One blue sock. One black one. That'll do.

Get teenagers out the door to school. Stop for gas. Running late. Cell phone rings. My grade 11 son, forgot his lunch. I don’t have time to bring it to him. "No worries, Mom…I'll mooch off someone." This does not bring me comfort.

Sigh. Ok…off to get my nephews and nieces. Ooops the cat gets out the door. Get her quick!

Pile them into the van. My niece reminds me that she turns 11 tomorrow. I had forgotten. Make a mental not to buy her a gift. Drop all off safe and sound.

Head back home to make my own lunch, throw a load of laundry in…even though these are peak hours that will cost me more. I need socks that match. Brush my teeth. Throw on a sweater. Head out the door.

Yes! I have change. I can stop and get a coffee. I glance at the drive-through line-up…it's 4 miles long. Forget it! My head throbs in rebellion at the lack of caffeine.

Traffic is flying, even though it's pouring. No one seems to care to be cautious. We're too busy. We gotta go!

I keep driving, glad I won't be late this morning. Red light. I glance at the clock. Glance at the light. Sigh. I look out my right window. A small movement catches my attention. There, in an acre of farmland…floats a family of ducks. They're floating in a flooded piece of field. A protecting dad. A teaching mom. And 5 little ones swimming in a crooked little line. One behind the other.

I swear they're smiling. I open my window a crack, just enough so that the rain can't soak me. The ducks are quacking. They sound like this is the best day of the year. That rain was just what they needed. What they wanted. I find myself smiling too. My head stops throbbing. My heart feels lighter. I begin to relax. Breathe a little. Slow down. Thank you God, for the downy reminder.


I snap back to reality. Glance in my rear view mirror. Wave, embarrassed, at the angry driver behind me. Sorry, I say out loud, even though he can’t hear me. He feels the need to show me his tall finger. But instead of glaring back at him…I burst out laughing. This is so hilarious! We are such silly beings. When a few extra seconds at a red light can push us to profanity. What are we doing? Is this what we've become?

I continue on to work, still smiling. The rain is suddenly wonderful. The day that started out overwhelming…is now suddenly an overwhelming gift. A chance to smile…to laugh…to float in a puddle. A day to…live.