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On Thursday, Sept. 6th Stan Burditt, the founder of MAST-Men Against Sexual Trafficking and several members of the London Anti-Human Trafficking Committee started out on the Walk For Freedom, a 210 km trek from London to Queen's Park in Toronto. The purpose of the Walk For Freedom was to raise public awareness about the growing problem of sexual trafficking in the province of Ontario and also to petition the provincial government to provide more resources to those who are working to combat this horrendous crime.

Covering approximately 21 km per day stops were made in Woodstock, Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga before arriving at Queen's Park on Saturday, Sept. 15th after joining up with approximately 800 exuberant abolitionists who were doing the Freedom Walk in Toronto.

Walkers were escorted up University Avenue to Queen's Park by several members of the Toronto Police Force on bicycles and motorcycles.

Stan's tells Christian Life in London readers about this Walk For Freedom.

Along the way I had were several "divine encounters" with people who were interested in finding out more, and on one occasion was approached by a woman who came out of her home and asked what the Walk For Freedom was about. After I explained it to her she shared that her daughter had been a victim of sexual trafficking in Ontario and British Columbia. This young lady was fearfully while awaiting the trial of her trafficker. Her life had been threatened so there was cause for concern. The worried mother was assured by me that I, and many others would keep them in our prayers.

Shortly after that we passed by a small country church where the sign outside said simply "Walk With God"! This was so encouraging and motivating as were several other happenings along the way.

One morning, when leaving City Hall in Burlington, I was joined by a 92 year old woman who walked a kilometer with me. What an example Lil Utman is of Christian love in action. What a difference it would make If only more of us were so involved in showing our love for the oppressed.

Awareness events were held in Woodstock, Burlington and Mississauga where concerned citizens were able to learn more about sexual trafficking from experts on the topic. Peel Regional Police, Shae Invidiata from Free Them and sex trade advocate Katarina MacLeod provided tremendous insight into the depth of the problem in Ontario.

The Walk For Freedom was warmly received at City and Town Halls along the way and several hundred signatures were added to the petition for the provincial government.

The Walk For Freedom was a tremendous success and I was pleased that it was not as difficult to complete as had been anticipated. God certainly was present with us and the walkers received much inspiration from it. We have been encouraged by the fact that a couple in Hamilton has been charged with sex trafficking offences only a couple of weeks after our visit there. Law enforcement units across the province are becoming more aware and active in investigating and charging perpetrators of this terrible crime.

I had committed to doing this walk in front of over 350 attendees at the One Voice One Hope Conference that was held in London last March 29th & 30th and want to give heartfelt thanks and ask God’s blessing on all those who provided support, prayers and encouragement before, during and after the Walk For Freedom.

Members of MAST are proud to be a voice for those who cannot speak out for themselves and we will continue to advocate for them and educate the public, especially men, about what we all can do to help solve the sexual trafficking problem both in Canada and around the world.

We are pleased that 100 Huntley Street has produced a report on the anti-human trafficking work being done in the London area. This report is available online at the 100 Huntley Street website.

For more information about MAST please access our website at: or e-mail us at:

Please remember that no family is immune from being victimized by traffickers. THE NEXT VICTIM COULD BE SOMEONE YOU LOVE!